The Awakening

The Earth is awakening.  Humanity is awakening. We are not awakening simply to a new mental experience and knowledge of life, nor are we simply awakening to a new spiritual paradigm and existence.  We are awakening even in the very material substance of our bodies.  Matter itself is awakening.  It is awakening from a billion-years trance in which it has been imprisoned.  It is awakening from a mental stranglehold which has held it captive in its web-like snare, limited it from being what Matter purely is when it is free of Mind.  Matter is not dead.  It never was.  It only appears to be to our limited perceptiveness of life.  Our minds could not grasp the experience of the smallest particles of life for much of our human history, and so our experience has been dominated by the superficial, the surface appearances and movements which are absorbing and consuming, confusing and addicting.  With our minds we have sought to understand matter and its ways, its life and energies.  But it is not with our minds that we can see the depths of Matter’s truths, nor the truth of the human spirit.  We have not truly peered within ourselves with our inner sense, in the complete silence of the mind and emotions and sensations, and, because of this fact, we – including all the religions, spiritualities, and yogas of the history of the world – have not been able to discover that Matter contains its own greater truth which is inherently connected to the truth of all of life. 

Most of the religious and spiritual philosophies have put forth visions or messages about the realization of a “heaven on Earth,” but most have strangely adopted beliefs which suggest that heaven is beyond Earth and that the goal of spiritual progress is to ultimately renounce the world and life and be free of it all, to escape to some paradise beyond.  This is why all have ultimately failed in their attempts to change the world, for they cannot change a world that they see as sinful and ignorant, as illusion and false, when they also believe in escapism.  Escapism shall change nothing.  Matter is not evil, though it is dominated now by our mental ignorance, our human consciousness of falsehood.  Yet this is not our truth, nor the ultimate truth of Matter itself.  This is the great Mask which is hiding the real Face of Truth.  The true Face of Matter.  Matter as we experience it is not true Matter, but Matter enslaved by humanity’s limited consciousness, a consciousness of Mind, and of uncontrolled vital force.  We experience Matter according to our inner state of being, a state of being which dominates even the substance of our own bodies.  It is too simplistic to say that it is our everyday thinking mind which dictates our body’s experience, though thought and the “ordinary mind” does have its influence.  It is, rather, our entire Consciousness which is made up of various aspects and qualities and functions and planes of being which creates the experience of our everyday lives.  We are composed of mental energies, as well as vital energies and forces (Life-Force), and then of course our physical natures, the substance of our bodies which are the foundation of our experience.  The vital and mental planes of our being also within themselves have various aspects special to their nature, and all are bound up and interconnected within the physical embodiment (both individually and collectively).  Ultimately all of these aspects of our being – mental, vital, physical – are integrated within one united whole of a greater Spiritual existence, a Spirit-Substance which is, in truth, the Divine Itself in its phenomenal manifestation.  All of life, including Matter, is the supreme manifestation of a living Divine Consciousness, a Supreme Being, God in the most all-encompassing sense. 

Our world today is undergoing a shift in its perception of life and its perception of matter.  This shift will be seen as an immense leap into the future of the human experience.  We are slowly beginning to realize that this extreme distinction between spirit and matter, between God and Life, which we have held in most of our belief systems throughout human history is not true.  We are awakening to both the understanding that Matter is simply the manifestation of Spirit-Energy, that Matter is the living, breathing, evolving substance of God, of the Divine Consciousness which animates all of life.  There is no opposition!  Matter is form of Spirit, the living embodiment of this thing we call God.  Of course, by this we do not mean that this present manifestation of matter in our current reality and our experience of it is the absolute and total and perfect embodiment of the Divine.  What this means is that all of Matter reflects some aspect of this Divine Consciousness.  Currently matter is immersed in a consciousness of falsehood which we could very easily call unconsciousness or Ignorance as known by many in the Eastern spiritual traditions.  Yet while matter is controlled and transfixed in this unconsciousness there is in the heart of Matter an involved and potential Divine Consciousness which is behind all of it, urging the creation towards its Truth, its essential Source which is this Divine Consciousness.  This hidden Divinity in the Rock, in Matter, slowly works and evolves out of Its own Spirit Substance more of Itself, more and more of Its Divine Existence and Nature, building and expanding and growing the creation until it becomes prepared and capable of manifesting the true Fullness of the Divine Consciousness and its infinite and eternal splendors which lie beyond our present experience of life.  Again, I will repeat that it is IN MATTER where one can find the Divine Presence and Truth, and that Matter can help us to realize this.  This is where we can discover that the cells, the most humble and sincere and all-serving Cells of Life, are the supreme emissaries of God, of the Divine Consciousness.

The cells are not simply part of evolution, the cells ARE evolution.  It is absolutely true that we evolve spiritually, mentally, vitally, and psychically, but it is in our bodies, IN MATTER, where all of this evolution truly effects and transforms life, infusing new material realities into our existence.  Whatever spiritual evolution or growth occurs within ourselves, it is only when it is brought down to the level of Matter, through all the layers and levels of our being and consciousness, and into the cellular consciousness of our bodies, that evolution can materialize the Divine Truth in the physical plane of existence.  As long as we stay in our mental or vital “heavens,” the physical, material plane of life on Earth stays the same and undergoes no real transformation.  It is in the cells where the battle of the past, the present, and the Future is taking place. 

15 thoughts on “The Awakening

    • Thank you Aaron for your comment and for following my blog….Glad the article inspired you….Feel free to visit when you feel inspired to, and you may also be interested in some other sites I’m involved in: and …….. Yes, even the word Matter comes from the Latin word Mater, which means mother….Yet truly the vastness of the Soul in Matter and its Truth is beyond even our understandings and identities of Feminine and Masculine….for ultimately all is One Body, One Consciousness, One Divine….and so we must always surrender our smaller identities for the Vaster, Greater, Limitless Identity…..Wishing you Light and Truth….Noel

      • Noel, thanks for the links. Cellular consciousness is fascinating information for me. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I do have a question for you. What do you think of darkness? In your opinion, is darkness intrinsically evil, or is it divine and sacred, or something else? In other words, how does darkness fit into the philosophy of Truth Yoga? I would love to hear your perspective. Thank you! – Aaron

      • Aaron….Thank you for your comment again…To answer your question, everything in Life contains its truth, including darkness and evil…it has a purpose and a meaning, and is absolutely a part of this All-Encompassing Being we might call The Divine, or The Source, or whatever word we choose…..All is in the Divine, the Divine is in All….So what we see as evil or as darkness or falsehood is simply a part of the Divine which has chosen to play this role in order to help us see more clearly what our Divine Essence is, and to choose That….It is a catalyst or a Push of the Divine to make us go beyond who and what we think we are, including physically, in all parts of our Being…..The darkness is simply the Divine that has veiled Itself in order to reveal Itself through a play of Evolution….Which does not mean we are to be passive and accepting of this darkness because it is part of the Divine, but rather we must become more conscious of it and see beyond it so that we might transform it rather than simply trying to hide from it….Of course, within this subject of ‘evil’ and ‘darkness’ there lie many layers, and when we look from a Higher Consciousness we see that all of it is the Divine at Play and all is moving our evolving world forward, even when appearances suggest things are so bad…..But nonetheless we must fight with our Light to transform what is Dark and False, living in the Truth of Contradiction that we are both this Darkness and this Divinity, but ultimately still beyond both and utterly, truly, only the One Divine…..All…Well, I don’t know if this answers the question, but I offer it nonetheless….Feel free to email me as you wish through my contact page….Take care and many wishes of Light and Truth to you.

  1. I was going through my list of follows and saw your lovely icon and clicked. So nice to be greeted with words so full of recognition for that which exists all around us, in us. And so now, I must go click on “follow”! Great blog, great words, great truth. Blessings. ~Parker

  2. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog! You had me at, “The Earth is awakening.” 😉 You have so eloquently put my belief that heaven and hell are here on earth and we create it with our minds. I am also seeing this Awakening and it is exciting!

    I hope that our paths cross on this earth!

    Much Love to you! xoxoxo

  3. Nice article… it’s all very simple… each seemingly individual consciousness can become aware of it’s True Connection to Source by simply being Present, here and now…

    I am the Awareness of that which is being, having and doing…. Namaste

  4. A beautiful and insightful article. Many of the holy women and men of our ancient Shamanic traditions, would completely agree with you. To them all of life on Earth and this Universe, including the ‘rocks’ were manifestations of Spirit.

    • Thank you for the nice comment David. Yes, you are correct, many of the ancient traditions were aware of the Presence of the Divine in Matter…..including in the Vedas, where is recognized “the Sun in the Rock”, and which even foresaw the emergence of a new species upon Earth, which also has been held by some Native American tribes (I believe the Hopis). I have come to this understanding through the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and my own inner seeking. Thank you again and best Wishes on the Journey!

      • In seeking do we ever find what we are truly searching for? Or, is it the gerbil wheel of searching that finally prompts the inevitable Self within, to awaken! Just a thought… Really enjoy your inspirational musings… Thank you for sharing! May all you touch, be awakened too! Blessings!

      • Thank you for your comment and kind words EL…I personally know for myself that we do find everything we search for, only it may not turn out exactly as we expect…All comes at the right time and the right way for each Soul, and yet there is not an end to this either…The realization of the Self is merely one step in a Greater Creative Evolution that we have yet to imagine….Best Wishes to you!

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