The Psychology of Matter, the Consciousness of Cells

As science now knows, all of Matter is essentially vibrations.  Vibrating energy.  We can also say that all of life, not simply Matter, is vibrations.  Our thoughts, our feelings, our sensations, our visions, our total human experience is a complex web of a vast Energy which is vibrating itself into different forms, even subtle forms which our minds can’t always grasp, which are not quite the “stable” forms of the physical world that we are so familiar and accustomed with.  Matter is simply a more dense vibration, manifesting the forms that it is informed to create from higher vibrations which descend into the reality and awaken new experiences and new realities.  When things change in our reality, it basically means that one vibration or collection of vibrations have replaced another vibration.  This may sound quite impersonal when reflecting upon how someone in life goes through a very profound change which transforms their very nature or character.  These words Energy and Vibrations don’t seem to convey the real living, breathing, personal aspect which is life.  But if we can get past the use of these simple words and reflect upon the fact that Energy contains Consciousness, that Energy IS Consciousness in its dynamic, living aspect which builds life itself and animates it, breathes through it, within it, then we can begin to see more clearly.  We are all this great dynamic, expansive Consciousness which is both personal and impersonal at the same time.  It builds Itself in the forces and material reality of Life, it breathes and moves and feels and becomes.  Matter itself is alive!  It is Conscious, for there would be no possibility for our own human consciousness to exist were it not involved in the depths of Matter as a potentiality, as something awaiting the right moment to manifest, or as something which is moving and shaping Matter from behind the scenes.  We are the result of a supreme Consciousness which is present in the heart of Matter, and which even now is still seeking to manifest its vast infinity of existence.  In order for us to truly begin to understand the true nature of Matter, we will have to undergo a profound transformation of our perceptions, of our way of perceiving everything, our reality.  We will have to awaken an entirely new psychological poise within us, a psychology of pure Matter, free of the mental and vital constraints which have limited our experience of our physical reality, including our bodily reality.  But what is this psychology of Matter?  Where is it?  How to awaken ourselves into it?  We must first be willing to leave behind the old ways, the old mental understandings and perceptions, our old ‘eyes’, in order to open ourselves up to the possibility of a new psychological awareness and experience.  A new Consciousness, essentially.  There is in the depths of Matter, in the secret cave of our own bodies, the key to this new perception and experience of Matter.  The cells, the tiny entities of our bodies animating our existence, breathe with a truth to another way of living.  Behind the veils which cover the cells’ true nature, there lies a new psychological experience, a psychological experience which is MATERIAL in its nature, and which will transform our total perception of our human and spiritual realities. 

The cellular world is full of vibrations.  It IS vibrations, vibrating Consciousness-Force.  Every cell is a vibrating CellPainting1mass of Consciousness in formation.  Indeed, the cells are Consciousness Information.  They are the play of Consciousness in its dynamic, living quality, expressing and manifesting the infinite and eternal arrangements of forces which are everywhere, in everything, and being infused into the physical reality from behind a hidden spiritual reality which is the animating power of all of life.  This spiritual reality too is Consciousness.  It is Consciousness much closer to the origin of things, the Supreme Consciousness which is the foundation of everything, for there is nothing which is not this Supreme Consciousness.  The cells are the intimate children of this Supreme Consciousness, images which are vibrating their own unique truth at the core of their nature.  Yet these cells are also very fragile in our reality.  They are surrendered servers to the Divine, and to us as well.  They are formations of something which is Divine in its essence, yet forced to manifest this Divinity in the midst of everything which is not yet Divine, which reflects the Divine’s opposite.  There is a great truth to this necessity of Opposition, an Opposition which ultimately is also Divine, as it plays a great role in the unfolding, the evolving, reality of Matter in its field of existence.  This field is one of battles which are at once battles of unconsciousness within the vaster Field of an Absolute Consciousness.  The oppositions force the progressive movement of life forward towards manifesting ever-more of life’s infinite nature.  It moves from the unconsciousness towards Consciousness by way of opposing forces pushing life more and more towards its ultimate Truth, into newer realities which are in essence vaster awakenings of Consciousness.  We live in this mixture of forces, this play of ignorance and consciousness, of life seeking its true nature in the midst of confusion and darkness and falsehood.  Our cells, because they are such sincere and absolute servers of life, will embody anything and everything that life brings to it.  As humans, we are like little vibrating magnets for all the forces of life, both ignorant/unconscious forces as well as those forces of Light and Truth and Consciousness.  We are drowning in all these vibrating forces, we are animated by these forces.  They play us as puppets since we are truly unaware of their movements and realities.  And because we are manifesting these forces, because we choose to allow ourselves to be controlled, more or less, by these forces, our cells too become their slaves.  Our cells are always listening.  They are ALWAYS listening.  To us.  To our thoughts about ourselves and life, to our feelings about ourselves and life, to our entire experiential perception of ourselves, others, the world, life.  The cells have the capacity to embody anything that we can imagine.  This is their power, their truth.  Yet because of the vast and complex play of forces around us and within us in life, they end up manifesting those vibrations, those qualities, those aspects of life which are most dominant.  For the cells are not simply individual, but collective.  We influence our own cells primarily, and yet the cells also vibrate their experience across the field of the cellular world, which is interconnected and intra-connected, which communicates everything in an instant.  Our power to influence the nature of our cells and our bodies is immense, especially as we begin to become more and more conscious of the vast fields of the material reality which we live and breathe within.  We are a concentrated mass of cells vibrating in our own unique way, but also interconnected with and influenced by everything else, by all the other vibrations of life.  Our cells take in all of this, everything we experience.  They take it all in and vibrate with it, manifest it or store it, or both.  The cells can hold on to vibrations with intensity – they can even imprison themselves within vibrations which are destructive.  They are contagious little beings, and can spread whatever vibration they are instructed to spread by the secret Will which is at the core of their existence, the hidden Guide which gives the breath of Life to them.  The cells ultimately follow the dictates of the Divine within them, for they are intimately, inherently, innately connected to the Divine Consciousness in their core.  Yet just as the Divine has given humanity its freedom to choose and manifest according to free will, the cells are in a way instructed to follow this human free will and choice to a large degree.  By being unconscious of our cellular reality and the vibrations of our own cells, we are essentially unconscious of the play of forces that we are throwing upon our cells, forcing upon our cells, and our cells in turn manifest our bodies and our whole physical world experience according to our ignorance, within a field of uncontrolled forces of destruction, separation, falsehoods, and even death. 

The call of the cells right now is for us to become conscious of their existence, of their consciousness.  Our cells have their own consciousness which perceives physical reality in an entirely different way than what our mental perception does.  They are awakening more and more to the truth of their own nature, even freeing themselves from the imprisoning milieu that we have kept them trapped in for millennia.  They want to be truly free!  Not simply for themselves but for us as well, and mostly for the Divine.  For they seek only to manifest the Divine Consciousness, they seek only to serve and to BECOME the Divine.  Their vibrating mass tells their story, their many stories, which are OUR stories, for we are integral, intimate players in their truth and their reality.  We only must become more aware of their world, their ways, their truths.  When we can become open to experiencing what vibrates in the depths of our own cells, and see what they are at their roots; when we become conscious of the living vibrations of Force which is what our bodies and cells are, and become capable of surrendering these vibrations so that they may be transformed, replaced by  . . .  Something Else, then we will find ourselves in a vaster freedom of life and creation.  A creative life which allows a True Matter, a Pure Cellular Reality, to manifest what humans can not yet even imagine or comprehend (because comprehension is still of the dividing Mind) – a Divine Life in a Supreme Embodying Substance.

2 thoughts on “The Psychology of Matter, the Consciousness of Cells

  1. I couldn’t agree more, I’ve been writing about vibrations for a while now not knowing what I’m writing about I even look at everything as vibrations of one sort or another & wrote about one time about vibrations alive saying that everything that vibrates is alive just in a different way to what we are consciously aware of.


    • Thank you Mathew for the comments…yes, one can experience all of life as Vibration in all its frequencies and forms and feeling….even when one has the capacity to feel the various vibrations and be conscious of them, then one can begin to change them, and even call forth new Vibrations to replace the older…we are more creative than we realize, on all levels of our being. Best wishes with your Journey!

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