Poem: Oneness

my invisible, shapeless Being

swimming through my own clear, succulent air,

tasting the wind’s breath as my own,

living an evaporated Presence of Spirit

where separation ceases to exist.

drifting motionless within Presence,

Existence spins all around and within Being.

the glazed mountain tops,

sprawled with waves of green silence,

seem distantly below,

yet a small reach away.

distance and space folding together,

a part of me, as One.

I breathe,

and so does the earth,

and so does God.


Poem: Water


the limitless smooth

shape-shifting into places

of unseen imaginations

infinite forms

fluidly allowing a caress unknown

seeping into soils

kissing all of Life with its

flowing, endless intimacy

freezing into restriction

yet melting into softness


yet convincing the most hardened

of its power

heat dispersing its elements

mystical vapors

lingering as yet another form

penetrating ever more hidden depths

mingling into Life forms

as nature becomes human by its grace

are we not each but a cup-full of this

limitless wholy water?

mingling mingling


a power

awaiting its next spill

into infinite eternity


Poem: Sunshine Dreams

like a shining dance upon rays of Life

she plays within Joy’s vast intimacy,

voicing Beauty’s melodious Song,

expressing Creation through her infinite Soul.


with a delicate sound she awakens a Smile

which casts its wide glow across space and time,

with a gentle touch she reveals a new Dawn

and blossoms a new movement upon Spirit’s Heart.


Light is her nature as she sings her Soul’s truth,

Love is her music’s echo in eternity,

where all songs are One, where new songs are Born,

where her rhythmic life whispers with Sunshine Dreams.


Poem: Transcendent Sky

Consciousness opens

into patterned skies of creamy marshmallow mountains

sloping towards cavernous crevasses of Light,

a picturesque day-time Starry Night,

with rolling clouds of foamy waves swirling

endlessly amidst grey-streaked mountain ranges of misty fogs.

Soft pillow pockets of wonder

unleashing beasts of imagination,

thunderclapping sparks of indestructible Spirit.

searching Soul floating

within clouds of conscious unconsciousness,

echoing through smears of Light

bellowing masses of Truth,

calling the Powerful individuations

to join the Grand Discussion of All.

Energy within Being,

soothing Existence with the profound Joy and Peace of Love,

an ever-Present Love,

hidden by the cluttered mind.

Spirit descending

through brilliantly Illuminated puffy white cloud explosions,

gently hovering above waving trees

of green, yellow, red, brown, orange.

Peacefulness coursing through the Illusion of Life,

resting in inexistent shadow-dreams,

inconceivable and unrecognized.

Spirit delighting in even-mindedness,

flowing onward within ItSelf,

a realization of the simple


Glistening clear waters appearing,

revealing a sparkling stillness of Life.

Spirit dipping closer,

skimming across dreamy watery nothingness.


suspended afloat above rippling reflections,

Spirit submerging within the Vision.

Enveloped by a sweet fragrant glow,

Light particles flashing by,

Spirit beams within its own peaceful

Transcendent Sky.


Poem: Vision

a Vision cannot be destroyed

as easily as the body.

no man can enslave it by fear or suffering,

there are no jails that could imprison it,

nor bullets to cut its life short.

no words could ever express its clearest meaning

and so no quieted voice could ever silence its cry.

no books could ever contain its fullest glory,

and so no fire ablaze could ever burn away its enduring song.

there is no way to end its impenetrable vibration

echoing, whispering its presence

from the silence of the unseen.

for the Vision lives on as Spirit

floating within the undying consciousness of Life

awaiting an open pathway into a living mind,

an inspired Heart,

from which emerges the eternal destiny

of an awakening creation.