A Poem of Yoga

[This poem is for lovers of Yoga and the Life Within:]

a dance called Yoga breathes in the masquerade of life,

an intimate fire that sparks in each moment’s birth,

playing with movements in all forms with Delight –

It is the Divine Embrace of the sacred She and He

who enfold each other in a work of sublime Unity,

a disharmony working out Harmony in All,

Seeking as the Seeker for what All already Is:

a spontaneous improvisation of infinite Destinies

bound together in a Conscious Choreography,

a vast Unison of Spirit kissing the marriage of Being,

touching the space within space, all points of time’s eternity,

frolicking in masks of divine atoms and cells,

and in bodies that aspire with God’s limitless Fire.

Our Yoga flows in the gestures of a diverse Soul Exchange,

discovering the Freedom that awakens when Oneness consumes,

opening a Self-Lit Vision of the Eternal’s Wide Love

where our universal Souls meet in a Caress from Above.

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