I identified totally with the experience of this blogger, shared through this posting about the Wisdom of the Body……There is indeed a Force working in and through the body, and even more, in the cells of the body that are awakening to their own Truth and Light…….Yes, Matter itself is awakening to its own Truth which has been covered up by our human false perception and by the Mental way of seeing and experiencing things, which is the way of Division and making everything separate, instead of experiencing all as a Unity. Matter itself is also awakening to its own sense of its own inherent Unity, along with us but in its own way which will change everything, including our own understandings and experiences of spirituality and yoga as a whole. Enjoy and share!

Waking The Infinite


I can tell you that there is a perfect system for uncovering all the latent material that needs to be dispensed with in order to live a fuller freer life.  In awakening, a shift happens; an energy which is itself aware runs all through you.  It dives down into your cells, invading every nook and cranny of you, filling each space, each seemingly empty forgotten space with awareness, a certain kind of awareness, which is itself bliss.  This is a powerful present form of sentience, and at first, it has caused many, including myself, some caution. For some, it has been too much and has driven people over the edge.  This is the one thing that is talked about in regards to the “dangers” of kundalini.  It is a lot to take in, and if you pull away from it in fear, then that fear is multiplied.  On the…

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