Poem: Transcendent Sky

Consciousness opens

into patterned skies of creamy marshmallow mountains

sloping towards cavernous crevasses of Light,

a picturesque day-time Starry Night,

with rolling clouds of foamy waves swirling

endlessly amidst grey-streaked mountain ranges of misty fogs.

Soft pillow pockets of wonder

unleashing beasts of imagination,

thunderclapping sparks of indestructible Spirit.

searching Soul floating

within clouds of conscious unconsciousness,

echoing through smears of Light

bellowing masses of Truth,

calling the Powerful individuations

to join the Grand Discussion of All.

Energy within Being,

soothing Existence with the profound Joy and Peace of Love,

an ever-Present Love,

hidden by the cluttered mind.

Spirit descending

through brilliantly Illuminated puffy white cloud explosions,

gently hovering above waving trees

of green, yellow, red, brown, orange.

Peacefulness coursing through the Illusion of Life,

resting in inexistent shadow-dreams,

inconceivable and unrecognized.

Spirit delighting in even-mindedness,

flowing onward within ItSelf,

a realization of the simple


Glistening clear waters appearing,

revealing a sparkling stillness of Life.

Spirit dipping closer,

skimming across dreamy watery nothingness.


suspended afloat above rippling reflections,

Spirit submerging within the Vision.

Enveloped by a sweet fragrant glow,

Light particles flashing by,

Spirit beams within its own peaceful

Transcendent Sky.


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