Poem: Twin Flame

in a world where all seems lost and untrue,

two beings sailing adrift, separate and alone,

calling upon the powers of Spirit’s good grace         

to embody a Connection of True Intimacy,               

found in unlikely places their Intrinsic Soul,

where Fate emerged from its long hiding place

and woke a Twin Flame by their Inner Identity.


a simple Glance upon a lone picture’s smile,

a few words read upon the ether’s profile,

and all the Heavens opened with a descending Flood,

washing over their Hearts with a Moment’s Touch,

igniting a Fusion between familiar strangers,

awakening the Bliss of a shared Destiny

where space and distance were no obstacles

to a mutual Discovery bound in Eternity’s Love:

a Yearning across ages seemed to be fulfilled,

Uniting two who were yet always the same One.


a long awaited reconciliation was upon their Soul:

his presence, a shining Light for her uneasy days,

her Laughter, a Dance of Joy for his lonely Heart,

her Eyes, an endless Ocean for him to merge within,

her Love, the compass of his Soul’s exploration.


through shadows and sufferings born of fear,

the two now One discovered strength to Soar,

separate paths now Interwoven and joined ever more,

a new Journey gazing into the Future’s Unknown,

a twin Phoenix arising from adventures long past,

flaming together towards the Dawn of One Soul.

twin-soul1 art_twinflames

13 thoughts on “Poem: Twin Flame

    • Wow, I’m glad you had such a Beautiful Moment with this poem…Thank you for sharing your experience and feel free to share more as you wish…I wonder what exactly created this OMG moment in you? Just curious if you wish to share…I wish you much Love and Light along your Journey. 🙂

      • You’re welcome Priya….but don’t be too shy or scared to express more…open yourself and see what comes, as you wish….Let me know if you still want to find out more about Twin Flames and Reincarnation from your email…Best wishes in Light 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment…..You too are Beautiful….You are indeed the Beauty that you seek (we all are, of course). Wishing you well along your Journey to be the woman and Soul you “aim to be”…..please stay in touch and much Love and Light to you.

    • Thank you for the kind words……my poetry comes mostly from my deeper inner awakenings and experiences, and sometimes visions…..so I am always seeking to express Spirit in as pure a way as possible to bring whatever Light and Truth possible into Life….and it’s always nice when people can Feel the Spirit in it…..best wishes with your own Journey.

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