Poem: somewhere there is a place

somewhere there is a place
where the mind no longer understands
where all knowledge seems not the answer
where the mind acknowledges it does not know itself
where it sees clearly that it does not truly see
where a cry from some hidden place emerges to truly Know
and upon this cry its ceaseless movements fall upon a hush

somewhere there is a place
where desire’s emotions no longer fulfill
where feeling becomes something tasteless and worn
where its wild dueling energies seem a tired constant battle
where Life’s force for living feels suffocated and lost
where a deeper yearning cries from somewhere beneath
and upon this yearning its ceaseless movements calm

somewhere there is a place
where the body’s sensations seem to grow dull
where activities always seem at war with each other
where living becomes an eventual negotiation with death
where body’s cells feel as if imprisoned in a weary shell
where an unknown aspiration blazes from hidden depths
and upon this aspiration its ceaseless movements still

somewhere there is a place
where Knowledge is purest Light, endless Vision,
where Feeling is pure and serene, a struggle between Joy and Joy
where Effort is a harmony of endless embodied dreams
where Body is an organism of action fueled by Soul
where Humanity transforms and becomes the Freedom it seeks
where Heaven and Earth unite as the One Living God

somewhere there is a Place
somewhere there is Something Else
somewhere there is a vast Someone
somewhere …… where we dare to venture Beyond


Book Release: The Making of a Peace Corps Volunteer

In a world where we speak about Peace more than ever in our history, we must roger-parent-book-coverremember that in the past there have been countless efforts, attempts, movements, events, individuals, and even simple kind Moments of Life that have brought us to this point in time where the global conscience can hold such an Aspiration and Vision. 

Among these movements in history has been the work of the Peace Corps, started in the early 1960’s by President Kennedy.  My father was one of those first pioneering individuals who was sent forth into the world to be a Peace Corps Volunteer during its first year, and he has recently self-published an autobiographical book about his early life, entitled The Making of a Peace Corps Volunteer:  From Maine to Thailand.

Roger Parent with students in Udorn, Thailand, 1962

Roger Parent with students in Udorn, Thailand, 1962

This is his personal true story about living and growing up in rural Maine, where he explores his childhood and shares stories of his experiences as a youth as he grew into the young man who chose to take a leap and join the the new-born Peace Corps organization to serve others in Thailand, where he connected with the people of a new country and foreign culture.  It is a story which exemplifies the Spirit that is necessary to build the Peace in this world that we so eagerly seek:  the Spirit of Connection with our world’s diversity, the Spirit of acceptance and tolerance, the Spirit of learning and growing beyond one’s small personal world to widen one’s experience and perception of the world around oneself through volunteering and service to others. 

Please support this book and the story it has to share by visiting my father’s Dadyoungwebsite and consider purchasing this book, whether it be for yourself, a friend of family member, or donate a copy to your local school or library to allow others to share in its message.

Visit www.rogerparent.org to read reviews and samples of the book, see more pictures and order your paperbook or e-book copy today!  Thank you and Peace to All!