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I am an Aurovilian.  What, you may ask, is an Aurovilian?  To give the most Banyan Tree Paste (52)superficial answer, one would say that an Aurovilian is someone that lives in Auroville, an international township and intentional NoelMisc 003community in South India.  To dive into the Spirit of what an Aurovilian is (which I most certainly love to do!), however, goes beyond the limitations of geography or location.  An Aurovilian is one who seeks to serve and manifest the Truth, the Divine, a greater Consciousness in life.  An Aurovilian represents a certain Spirit of Humanity which is a driving Force for Change and Transformation in the world, and which seeks to awaken oneself even as one recognizes one’s inherent Unity and Connection to the greater communal Soul which we are all a part of.  The Aurovilian is one who surrenders oneself more and more to this vast Collective Yoga, aspiring and crying out for a New World to emerge.  Of course, this Spirit lives all over the world, and is spreading, and there are Aurovilians living in places other than Auroville itself.  Yet Auroville is a special geographic and spiritually dynamic Center for this work of Conscious Evolution upon the planet.  It is a catalyst and an Experiment for the Future.

I moved to Auroville in 2007 after living most of my life in the United States, my origin country, living what might have seemed to be a normal life while working with various nonprofit organizations, helping refugees, illiterate adults, trees, and communities.  For years, however, I had been exploring my own inner reality and truth, practicing various forms of Yoga, becoming a Reiki practitioner, and seeking with an intensity the deeper and vaster realms of Consciousness and Life.  I was thoroughly addicted with Awakening, with pushing the boundaries of my own inner being, refusing to allow doubt or fear to distract me from this Inner Need, this Aspiration, for the Truth, for the Divine, for Love and Peace and Beauty and All!  And step by step, I have awakened, little by little…..while realizing how endless this Infinite and Eternal Pathway really is.  For all that I think I know only reveals how much more there is than any amount of knowledge.  So, I keep Reaching with an Open Soul, awaiting whatever next Leap is meant for me, and for humanity.  And I offer it all up to That, to All, and to You.

Writing is something that has come to me quite naturally since I was young, and most of the time I find that what I write is not mine at all, but belongs to All, to the Divine.  I have written poetry, children’s stories, reflections, and other things, most always with a spiritual focus, like a Light seeking to Shine a little bit more Light into the world.  I can only hope it does, at whatever level possible.

So, what interests this author you ask?  The search for Truth; Love; trees; stories that uplift and Inspire all of humanity to see beyond their own way of seeing and perceiving and living; Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; the Unity of Matter and Spirit; the Cells; exploring Consciousness; Nature; Beauty; children’s stories that inspire; films that inspire and Awaken; Reiki; chanting OM; cycling everywhere; hiking up mountains; working in gardens and with stones; digging holes (for trees, of course!…..and other plants); reading inspired writings; writing inspired writings, writing children’s stories and poetry and whatever the Soul and Divine inspire me with.

Thank you and Be Truth!  Be Light!  Be Love!

13 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dear Noel,
    Thank you for yaroslava’s flowers
    I have a 2 year old son, just few days back I was thinking ” I needed to start reading story books to him.” And as if Mother send this book to us, my Aunt was in Pondy on her birthday and brought this book as a present for my son Kabir.
    He loves this book, I try to read 3-4 pages at a time, my son usually is so full of life that he cannot sit still but with concentration he will listen to it, he loves the pictures so much, he will point the flowers, trucks, cat, dog, boy, blue, Sky…
    He doesn’t mind sharing his things but this book no one is suppose to touch, every time me or my husband look at it he will come running take it in his hands and ask me to read it, then we have to sit on the floor in a quite corner and read the book.
    It is a beautiful book, I can feel the Divine presence in it when I read it to him.
    My grandfather was dying of TB years back, that is when he came in touch with Mother and suddenly a Miracle happened and he got cured….that is how Mother came in our lives…
    During my childhood me, my mother and sister would come in our vacations to the Ashram…infact my mom also studied at the Ashram school, Mother was alive that time and she told my grandfather no for my mom but my mom kept in crying so when my grandfather told mother she is crying and insisting so Mother allowed her, as if Mother knew my moms destiny was else where so my mom only studied for a year…but she has managed to keep Mother and Sri Arvindo alive in us forever 🙂
    Why I am writing such a long story reason being we have always been connected to the in Ashram and for a long time I was thinking I wanted to find someone in Auroville, and look! Mother send this book to me…
    As my son is still 2, to my knowledge Mother has asked not to bring children below 3 to the samadhi so once my son will be three I am planning to bring him regularly to Auroville but frankly I do not know anyone there, I will surely ask you for help as in, how can I help my son be a part of Auroville, I somewhere know that my destiny is here but a voice Inside me tells me that I need to take Kabir to Auroville and Pondy sometime every year.
    Thank you again For this gift I received form Auroville in form of your book, we feel blessed every day…

    • Thank you Natasha for your lovely note about my book…I appreciate you sharing so much about yourself and your family and son….I’m happy you all enjoy the book and find something beautiful and Divine in it….I am still working on spreading the book around online and in stores, but it is always wonderful to hear personal stories and feedback for the book….Yes, I am in Auroville, and if you ever visit, please feel free to contact me here…I am happy to help if I can…I wish you and your son and family Peace and Light and Joy and hope you are well wherever you are in the world….Best wishes, Noel

  2. Hello! We’re fans of Auroville too, and plan to work there in the future as well! Glad to have strayed on to your site – will be reading your thoughts more regularly. Regards!

    • Thank you for your comments….glad to hear you’re interested in Auroville…It is a lovely and powerful place…Hope you will find your way there sometime….Wishing you Grace and Light along the Journey…Noel

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