Transcendent Sky

Transcendent Sky Book Cover1After a long journey of writing, Soul-searching, and awakening, my new book of yogic and inspirational poetry entitled Transcendent Sky is now available in paperback at my E-store on and also as an e-book for Amazon Kindle and through Smashwords for all other e-book versions, including Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony, Kobo, Apple, and even a PDF for your computer!

I appreciate your support and goodwill for this special book, my first to be published.  Here is a short description of the book below.  I hope you will find an interest in it and give me feedback as you feel inspired to do so!

Transcendent Sky is a collection of poems that explore the spiritual essence of life Amazon-kindle-yvgand inspire the awakening of the Soul and Spirit towards greater enlightenment and self-awareness.  Through a unique offering of inspiration, contemplation, and insight, this book of poetry expresses some of the author’s inner experiences and personal reflections along the spiritual journey.  It is a journey that evokes the Oneness of all of Life and the Divine Presence that dwells uniquely within each person.  A meditation of words flow through these poems with the power to uplift, transform, and transport one’s Being to inner realms of Light, Love, Beauty, and Consciousness.  

Click here to order your paperback edition of Transcendent Sky, available through my E-store on, which is also available through UK. Also available now on Amazon Kindle as an e-book.  Click here to order!

Available for all other e-book versions through Smashwords, including Barnes and smashwordsNoble Nook, Sony Reader, Apple iPad/ibooks, Kobo, and other e-readers apps.  A PDF version is also available for those of you who simply want to read it on your computer or laptop. Thank You!!

With Love and Light for All, Noel Parent

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