Yaroslava’s Flowers

Illustration by Pankhuri Singh
Yaroslava’s Flowers
is a story for all children and anyone with a youthful Heart.  Yaroslava is a little girl who loves flowers so much that she can hear them speak to her.  When the Flower Spirit appears to her and gives her a bag of magic seeds, she embarks on a Journey of the Spirit to discover the healing and transforming power of flowers.  As Yaroslava brings YFBackcovernew life to the places and people around her, she also discovers more about herself – through the power of flowers!

See further below to preview more pages and illustrations from the book!

Yaroslava’s Flowers is now available online for ordering here, and in select stores!


To order anywhere in the U.S. and around the world, click on the link below:
Buy Now Button

As this book is being shipped from India, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for delivery.  If you need to have it sooner, please contact me in person to place your order.

If you wish to carry copies of the book in your store, or if you wish to order multiple copies, please contact me personally to place your order.

If ordering within India, please order the book here: 


Copies of the book can also be found at the following store locations:

In Auroville, India Freeland Bookstore and Auroville Press Bookstore at Visitor’s Center

In Pondicherry, India:
SABDA – Sri Aurobindo Ashram

In New Delhi and Goa People Tree Stores

Click on the links below to preview some of the pages from the book:
Yaroslava’s Flowers Book Preview 1
Yaroslava’s Flowers Book Preview 2
Yaroslava’s Flowers Book Preview 3

Here are more full-page illustrations from the book by our wonderful illustrator Pankhuri Singh!  Click to view in larger size!






You and your child can also now watch the new Yaroslava’s Flowers video with narrated audio! Enjoy the story, then order a copy of the book!

Author:  Noel Parent

Illustrator:  Pankhuri Singh
Email: pankhuri.ses@gmail.com

Layout and Design:  Krupa Jhaveri
Email: krupa.jhaveri@gmail.com


Additional Book Information:SKMBT_C45114110720380_0008

English-language book
48 full-color pages
25.5 x 20.5 cm. (8 x 10 in.)

Published Property of Noel Parent
Copyright © 2015 Noel Parent
Printed in Auroville, India by Auroville Press
ISBN:  978-0-9889769-2-4
Publication Date:  August 30th, 2015


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