The OM Choir – The New Music

All of Life is a vast Music.  There is sound everywhere, even within the Silence, and this sound is infinitely creative.  It is essentially the vibration of all Existence, of all things in the world and all planes of being –the vibration of thought and mind, of emotion and life-force, of the body, the physical Earth, and all Matter, of the worlds of Spirit and beyond, of the depths of our nature and all of Nature.  Existence is a vast Energy-Consciousness which is vibrating in all its myriad forms, and even in its formlessness, and it is this vibrating Energy which animates Sound, which also manifests in its own diverse forms, a subtle diverse array of living, breathing tones and hues of Life’s Song.  Yet behind this diversity, behind the cacophony of the many sounds of nature, life, and the Universe, there lies the one Sound which contains and arranges all sounds, the Divine Symphony in which all life’s melodies flow together and build towards a more harmonious Song.  It is the sound of OM (also referred to as AUM). 

OM resonates throughout everything in the Universe, carrying each moment, penetrating each action, awakening new inspirations in the unfolding Play of Consciousness which animates all things.

Its Force of being dances in the movements of planets and stars, of atoms and cells, in the laughter and cry of adult and child, in the flaws of deformity and the beauty of a flower,  in the anger of ignorance and the love of Truth, in the clang of machines and the whisper of the wind, in the feel of stone and the touch of a hand, in the darkness of ages and the dawning of Light, in the aspirations of the Earth and the birth of Eternity.   It is the breath of each second becoming new. 

Though it is true that this Divine Sound, and the Divine Presence, is ultimately behind All in Life, we are, nonetheless, responsible for recognizing what we must grow beyond and transcend, we must empower ourselves and the Earth to actually materialize and Become this Divine Being, free of its darker beginnings, awakened to Itself in Reality.  The darkness and falsehoods of the world must be transformed, and this sacred sound of OM can be a powerful tool in this Work that is destined to be Victorious.

It is within this vast sound of OM that a New Music shall manifest in Life, upon Earth.  A small number of aspiring individuals have begun to call out to this New Music by chanting OM collectively in a place called Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and other locations around the world.  This gathering was set forth by the Divine Mother many years ago who gave the work of bringing down this New Music to one of Her many Children, Narad Eggenberger.  Only one thing was said:  to sit in a circle and chant OM together, in aspiration for this New Music to descend.  And so we join together and offer our individual and collective OM symphony to the Divine, with whatever voice we have been given to use, with whatever note we have in the moment to express.  As Narad has said countless times for the OM Choir, “There are no wrong notes.” 

The experience of this collective chant of OM is filled with such a power and beauty it awakens as if a new resonance, a new vibration in the communal space, in the air, in the consciousness, and down into the body, the very cells of the substance of our being.  And this reverberates throughout time and space, like waves of Light touching and penetrating, uplifting the whole of the Earth and the Universe, transforming it by its own simple, gentle, yet powerful Grace.  A Divine Vibration awakening the one vast Self in All, through All.  A collective Soul Sound arising from the depths of a collective Aspiration.

In a state of complete Surrender to the Divine shall the New Music descend and manifest – surrender in mind, in heart, in body, in voice, in Spirit, in one’s entire Consciousness and total sensorial experience.  Even the cells of the body shall in time join in this New Music, expressing from the depths of their own unique existence and consciousness a more pure, more Divine Song in and through their Divine Material Substance. 

This OM which has begun its new collective expression now calls out to all others of sincerity, of goodwill and aspiration, to join this Universal OM Choir which is being born, and be one more voice, one more aspiring cry, to manifest this New Music upon the Earth for its integral and inevitable Transformation.

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The Healing Power of Flowers

Nature has always been the traveling partner of spiritual seekers along their

Name:  Spiritual Power of Healing

Name: Spiritual Power of Healing

journey towards enlightenment.  Throughout religious history, even the great Spiritual Masters found their Way with the help of Nature.  The Buddha is known to have attained enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi Tree, while Jesus also went into the desert for forty days and forty nights where he found his own spiritual victory.  Today’s spiritual seekers are no less drawn towards Nature as a place to find inner peace and silence, as a retreat and refuge away from the constant activity and chaos of modern life.  One finds that the energy and Spirit of nature draws one deeper within oneself, or beyond oneself, and inspires one to be more receptive to the contemplation of Existence and the meaning of Life.  It allows us an opportunity to connect more intimately with our inner Self and with the Divine, with God.  There is an undeniable Divine Presence in Nature, which holds the power to awaken us not only to the beauty around us in the world and life, but also in ourselves.  This truth becomes even more evident and palpable when we gaze into the spiritual power and significance of flowers.

As someone who has worked closely with flowers in spiritually inspired gardens that vibrate with a mystical Force, I have experienced first-hand the power that flowers have to influence and change one’s inner nature.  Flowers are, in their very essence, concentrated Consciousness, as everything in life is.  All of life lives and breathes by this Divine Consciousness which animates everything.  It breathes just as much in nature and in the rock as in us humans, only in different ways.  And it breathes in flowers as well.  When we are able to understand the innate and inborn Connection between what we call God, the Divine, Spirit, and the very material, physical life of Nature that we have manifested from, then we can begin to see the unity between ourselves and Nature also.  We can begin to find a connection to the Divine in all of life, and especially in Nature and flowers.

Name:  Divine Smile

Name: Divine Smile

There lies within flowers a deep power for healing and transformation.  Their power is not merely a symbolic representation of a quality of life, not merely a tool to express what we feel inside us, but rather is an actual force of material Consciousness which is held within the vibration of their physical existence.  They vibrate an Essence which is pure and true to their existence, their own unique self-truth, which is inherently connected to a vaster Spiritual and Divine Truth, their Source and Being – which is our Source and Being as well.  The healing power of flowers lies not only in their scent or their oils or external beauty, all of which have been used for ages in aromatic and other healing therapies, but also in their very material vibration and spiritual consciousness. When we meditate and concentrate upon their nature, flowers can evoke within us the qualities of consciousness which they hold within them, and which lie deep within us as well, hidden from our own awareness by all the veils of false perceptions, ignorance, doubts, confusions, and all the other inner obstacles we confront within ourselves as we seek to know better who we truly are, where we come from, and where we are going.  When we allow ourselves the opportunity to truly BE with a flower, to meditate and concentrate with it, we can open ourselves to experiencing the truth which that flower is bringing into the Earth consciousness, including ourselves.  Our intention to open to the truth of the flower is like a bridge being built between ourselves, our consciousness, and the essence of the flower, the consciousness of the flower.  Our own Energy reaches out to the Energy of the flower, and receives what it has to offer us through the innate Unity that exists between us and Nature, and the Divine that dwells within All.

During the last century, a wise and enlightened being by the name of Mirra Alfassa,

Name:  Beauty of Attachment to the Divine

Name: Beauty of Attachment to the Divine

a French woman of Egyptian andTurkish descent, known lovingly as the Mother in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India, identified the spiritual names of over 900 flowers during her life before she left her body in 1973.  She also envisioned and began the building of an international township called Auroville, which currently includes a central park area with many gardens whose sole purpose is to inspire and awaken the healing, transformation, and evolution of human Consciousness towards a more Divine Life.  As a gardener who worked in these gardens of Auroville, I have experienced directly the divine Grace that works through the diverse life of flowers.  I was previously in my life never interested in flowers, but as I worked more closely with the Earth and the beautiful flora and fauna around me, I realized what a blessing it is to know and experience the significance of these flowers, and to understand their power to aid our personal healing and spiritual transformation.  I recently visited one of my favorite trees, the Champaca, which has an extremely aromatic flower.  The spiritual significance of this particular type of Champaca flower is Divine Smile.  And, indeed, when one takes in the strong aroma of this delicate flower one can sense and feel the energy change within oneself and evoke a definite smile into one’s being, even into the body’s cells.  One may not think that a smile might be healing, but they truly are, and the power of a Divine Smile, a profoundly powerful smile which radiates throughout all of existence, behind everything and everyone in every moment, is a powerful truth which can be experienced in our own conscious depths.  It is transformational to realize this within oneself, and a flower holds a great opportunity for us to grow in the experience of this. 

There are so many flowers which can help one to connect with a greater sense of oneself and healing.  They are powerful tools to explore and experiment with, to discover more about one’s own inner nature and even unlock secret qualities of life that one might not have experienced about oneself before.  For those who wish for more direct healing power, perhaps the Petrea shrub, also known as Spiritual Power of Healing, might be of interest.  Or, if one has some sweet basil in one’ garden, then one could take the moment to connect with this flower’s Joy of Union With the Divine.  As we seek healing, however, we must remember that the healing power of flowers is not only limited to healing our bodies of illness or disease, but also healing on all the planes of our being – mental, emotional/vital, physical, cellular, spiritual and beyond.  It is our openness and willingness to experiment and explore the nature of flowers which will ultimately give us our own living experience of their power of healing, and even more importantly, of our own healing powers.

For more information on the Spiritual Significance of Flowers, please see the website

Name:  Victorious Love

Name: Victorious Love

Unity as Healing Power

There is really only one reason for the problems of the world, the disharmony and suffering of humanity.  It is division.  We live life with a constant perception of everything being separate from everything else, which includes our own perception of ourselves.  In all areas of life this perception of separation has masked itself as the sole truth of our experience of reality.  We have perceived for ages that countries are separate from other countries, that one race of people is separate from other races of people; we perceive that we are separate from nature, that our bodies are separate from other bodies, that our minds are separate from other minds, that our spirit and Soul is separate from other spirits and Souls; we perceive that mind is separate from body, that Soul is separate from body, that all of matter is separate pieces without any real connection; we perceive that people are separate from people, that spirit and heaven are separate from matter and Earth; we perceive that we are separate from God, from the Source, from Truth, and most importantly we perceive that we are separate from our own unique and powerful truth of Self within us. 

We have been born into this sense of separation, we have been educated and ‘experienced into it’ in countless ways throughout our lives, brainwashed by the unknowing past which masquerades itself as a habitual knowledge.  But all of it is simply not true.  It is an illusion we keep accepting.  This separation, this perception that everything is divided, is the falsehood which rules our whole consciousness and experience of our reality.  But it is not real.  This division is like a veil covering over another sense, another consciousness, of our reality.  It is the consciousness of Unity.

As a world we are beginning to experience this sense of Unity more and more in many ways.  Science is finding that matter is not separate pieces, but one vast whole, that there is an interdependence within vlcsnap-68394the eco-system within which we live and are only a part; and we experience the unity of people as they experience the similarities between cultures which seem so different, or even in those moments where tragedies force us to come together for a common purpose.  Yet most of our experiences of this profound and vast Unity, which is the foundation of everything, are limited to somewhat superficial movements or symbolic representations. While these are still powerful and real expressions of this Unity, there is a vaster sense of Unity which underlies our entire material and spiritual existence, and which is something which can be experienced dynamically, concretely, in the depths of one’s own Soul, one’s own being.  It is this inner sense, this inner Truth, of Unity which lives at the heart of our own self-existence that allows us to connect with all the life around us in deeper and more meaningful ways.  When we become more conscious of this within us, we are better able to engage and to heal all the difficulties we encounter in our everyday lives.  We begin to see how all is connected and that there is meaning in everything.

But how to awaken this direct experience of Unity within us?  Where does this experience of a true inner and outer Unity exist?  We must know the source of the division first to be able to truly understand how we can reach a real, tangible, living Unity within ourselves.  If we look at this problem of Division closely, we will see that its source is essentially the mind.  We must, first, differentiate between mind and consciousness.  Consciousness is something vast which is present in everything, everywhere, which is the very source of all that exists.  It could be equated with God itself, the Supreme, the Divine vision which lives and breathes in everything, as everything.  Mind is but a tool of this Consciousness, one layer or aspect of the Divine which is choosing to experience this part of Itself through us as mental beings.  Mind is what divides everything into pieces because that is its very function, its essential work, the reason for its existence.  Its division is the only way for it to relate things, to compare and discern them, to attempt to know them.  Yet its knowledge of things is inevitably limited by its inherent separation.  It sees and knows only through division – through dual vision, a sense of things as two, separate.  It cannot identify itself with the things it seeks to know, for it is essentially the agent of division. Again, this is the stamp of its role which it plays in existence, and it cannot get away from itself and its limited purpose as simply a temporary tool of consciousness, which is to be only a beginning mode of perception for humans along the pathway of evolution of consciousness towards greater Consciousness.  Mind must have division to perceive.

But pure Consciousness is something entirely free of this limiting perception of division, as its very nature is Unity.  There is behind the illusion of mind nothing but Unity, nothing but a spiritual and material Whole which breathes and moves together in unison. To get behind the illusion of mind is the challenge, for it is in the Silence of the mind that we are able to find this deeper sense of Unity, of true Consciousness.  When we are able to silence our minds, to empty ourselves of all the mind’s activities which act as a shield against the perception of what lies beyond it, we begin to open ourselves, to free ourselves, to experience the real foundation of our lives, our consciousness, our reality.  We can begin to sense something else entering us or awakening within us slowly, this feeling of oneness, of connectedness, even of harmony.  When we truly begin to feel this Unity within ourselves as the truth of our own existence, when it begins to grow and spread within all the various parts of our complex being, our consciousness, our thoughts, feelings, and actions, then a true healing power begins to also be present within us.  This is in fact what healing really is, the awakening of a greater Unity and Harmony of our entire individual and collective nature, of all the parts of our being within us, as well as all the parts of our collective human relationships which create our everyday reality.  With a perception of Unity comes the power to harmonize what is out of balance within us, to see clearly what connects us to our true Source of being and what is opposing this, to see what is out of place and thus have the power to work towards changing it.  As each of us creates this sense of Unity in ourselves slowly, we not only have an effect upon our own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and well-being, but we are healing the vast interrelationship of all humanity and the Earth.  We heal when we grow, when we transform ourselves, when we become who and what we really are behind all the illusions that we accept about ourselves without question.  And Unity is the foundation for this power to heal.