The New World’s Economic Hope: The Volunteer

Look closely into the eyes of the world and you will find one simple little secret:  the world is built by Idealism.  One must certainly understand and be capable of being realistic, but it is ultimately humanity’s Ideals, its Dreams, its Highest Inspirations, that build the world.  They push everything forward, if only by little steps, seeking to create the bridges between the past that wants to keep living and the infinite futures that we constantly envision and cry out for with every breath and every heartbeat.  The baby that tries to walk and talk is an Idealist, the revolutionaries fighting for civil rights around the world were Idealists, the founders of many governments around the world have been Idealists, the inventors of everything that now exists in our world were Idealists, the sages and spiritual masters that have walked the Earth were all Idealists.  Everything around you and within you, even you yourself, is an Ideal that once did not exist.  We and our world is a Dream that continues to Dream.  I too am an Idealist.  Yes, I am a Dreamer.  Yet I see a world that has lost its ability to realize greater Dreams.  I see a world whose Higher Dreams are getting drowned in the constant struggle to survive, to own, to have power, to compete, to win.  Our Dreams are becoming submerged by small needs and desires.  The reasons for this are many, and yet as we look at today’s present conditions we can see one human creation, perhaps more than any other, that currently has a powerful influence upon the life and death of our Dreams.  It is the existence of Money and our systems of Economy.

The world today is seeing its economic foundations shaken to the core.  Little by little, year after year, humanity is waking up to the extreme nature of the world economy’s corruption, but also its inherent flaws, its inability to build a world that is fair and just, and even less, a world that can reflect our highest values in life.  People of all countries are growing more and more tired, more and more frustrated, more and more angry…..They are crying out in the depths of their Hearts, and from the heart of our cities and towns, for a new way of living, and a new economy of living, with each other and our Earth. 

In this Cry for Change there is Hope, and yet there is also a lot of fear.  Many people are afraid of change.  They assume that there is no alternative to the present economic arrangement, that the result of extreme change and collapse can only be mass chaos, conflict over all the earth’s resources, the destruction of all the various services which we see as the foundation of our civilization, and perhaps even the loss of some of our hard-won freedoms, or maybe even the destruction of civilization and Freedom itself.  There is fear that the Change that is necessary is too difficult and would require decisions that could endanger the little stability that we do have in the world.  There is fear that a world without our present economy would create conditions that humanity just isn’t prepared to handle, and would lead to a world of even more darkness and suffering.  We humans always fear of taking too large a step, too big a leap in life, especially when it looks like me might be risking everything…… Yet, I ask you all, is it inevitable that humanity would react with fear and panic if, or when, an economic collapse occurred?  Are we so weak-minded, and weak-hearted, that we would stop being good humans, plunged into insanity and desperation, if we were faced with such an economic cataclysm?  Do we not have the strength of Spirit and the Wisdom to calm our brothers and sisters so that we might find a way through any endeavor?  I believe we do, behind all the appearances of fear and weakness that we may see before us.  Yet I also believe, my friends, that in order to fight this fear that lies deep within us and our fellow humans, we must begin to ask ourselves the ever more important questions, “What is the true power that is behind what we call “economy,” what is the real creative force behind what we call “money?”  “Is there no other way possible to organize ourselves and the resources of the Earth?”

We do not recognize the immense power that we humans have to create the world, the power we have to choose and to act in the midst of difficult times.  Perhaps we do not recognize that all of us together are collectively choosing in this very moment to create this present economic way of being, and its current crises.  We have given our own power of consent to this economic system (both intentionally and unintentionally), and by default we continue to do so, without truly challenging or questioning it.  But now, across the world, this is all slowly changing.

The true economic power in the world is not money or any financial system, but the human spirit, the human power to direct its creative energies, its labor and work, its attention, its power, towards whatever it so chooses.  The true economic power in the world is our Collective Power to Choose.  Yes, when we can step beyond our fears, this Power of Choice reveals itself to be the true power of humanity at this time in our history.  Our Choice is power, and it gives our power to what we choose.  Our Choice allows us to give our Energy and our Time, our Spirit, to one thing or another.  It gives us the ability to go in one direction or another, or to widen the pathways upon which we walk.  It gives us the power to give our Labor, our Work, our Blood and Spirit, towards one thing or another, towards one job or another, towards one way of life or another.  Our Choice is truly the deciding factor and power in any economy that exists in this world, and it is this Choice that can choose to build something else.  This is the true power, this is the true economy, of life.  If humans choose to withhold their energies from the work they do on a wide scale, the world’s systems begin to collapse and fail.  Yet when crises or tragedies occur around the world, it is always the Spirit of Volunteerism – humans willing to offer of themselves and their force of life in a spirit of helpfulness and collaboration – which ultimately allows life to continue, allows humanity to organize itself, to find its priorities, and to do what needs to be done so that people, communities, nations, the world, continue to exist and work together in goodwill for the future.  This already happens in numerous ways around the world, especially in instances of natural or other disasters.  Why do we think that we cannot organize ourselves on a worldwide level according to such a principle – a principle of volunteerism?

Volunteerism is the highest organization and relationship between human energies and work that we have yet evolved.  We volunteer because we see something of value in what we choose to do, and we ask nothing in return other than the feeling of fulfillment it brings to us.  We put our energies, our time, our efforts into projects that we believe are helping the world or our communities in some way to become better, or which simply are necessary for us to continue living together.  This is where service to humanity truly awakens, where the human spirit thrives and finds abundance.  When people feel as if they are doing something meaningful and fulfilling with their work, without feeling like they are imprisoned by their jobs to survive, then we find something different in the quality of our lives and the spirit in which we work.  When we feel we have a choice, then fear disappears and we are more willing to offer more of ourselves and our labor for the sustenance of all.  When humans are given valuable work which also allows them to have time for self-growth and exploring all of life’s other possibilities, then humanity finds the joy behind all the different forms of work, along with the freedom to find their own creative potential and offer that to the world.  Yet the first step for this to happen is to change ourselves, to change our own perception of ourselves and our own power.  We must see that it is WE who have collectively made an agreement together, though mostly unconsciously, to go along with the present economic organization.  May I simply suggest that it is time for a New Agreement to be built.  It is time for us to see that no matter what happens upon earth, no matter what happens in our communities or between nations, no matter what happens on the levels of “finance” and “economy,” no matter what tragedies may happen on Earth, we collectively have the power to work together so that all communities and all people have the dignity of a secure and healthy life, with the basic necessities taken care of for each human being – without the obstacles of politics and greed getting in the way.

We humans have lived for so long with this mythical idea that there is not enough of everything in the world for everyone, and that we must compete for the little that exists, that only the strongest survive.  Yet this is not true at all, for there is absolutely enough for all the billions of people upon the Earth to survive and live decently….for there is not really any such thing as a strong individual that survives alone, but rather strong communities of strong individuals working together for the well-being and survival of all.  We have lived with the idea that “if we are not paid money, then we cannot work, thus we cannot obtain the things we need to live.”  Yet it was not money that existed in the beginning of humanity’s relationship to the resources of the earth, it was not money that gave humanity its true capacity to create and build and be inventive.  It was not money that created anything, but rather the power of the human spirit, the ingenuity of the human consciousness, the willingness of human beings to work for its survival and growth in individual and collective ways.  The earth belongs to nobody, but to humanity as a whole.  Its resources must and should be shared amongst all in a manner that allows each to have the minimum of what they need to survive, while allowing the opportunity for creating a more abundant life through the exchange of work and goodwill towards the whole human collective body.  This means a development of greater Human Relationship, a more enlightened and free development in organizing the resources of each local community and building “shared agreements” on how to exchange them at the local, national and international levels according to the collaborative priorities that are found at all levels.

It may sound as if creating this volunteer economy would take such a great revolution, such a big change, that it is virtually impossible.  While I do not suggest it would be easy or that it might not take some time and perhaps many painful stages along the way, if we look very closely, the change that needs to be made is not as big as we may imagine.  It is essentially about nothing more than REPRIORITIZING our relationship with work and the resources we have, and making necessary shifts in the current economic organization – in phases – to transfer over to the vision of a more Volunteer Economy.  It is about making A COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT to use our resources according to the welfare of all humanity and not the greed of a small few.  It is about seeing our own Power in the current state of things and agreeing to work together in an organized and efficient way which will allow everyone the basic dignity of a life of both individual and collective security and well-being. 

So, then, how to begin?  How to start to call out for this change?  There will and must be many answers for this transformation, which will most likely take much time.  Yet truly the first answer is that the world’s working masses must become aware of, must truly feel and see, the power they/we have over the economic world on a global scale, and the power to change the course of life as we know it.  It is absolutely necessary for all of us to come together in community to begin discussing the future possibility of economic change and to explore the ideas and possibilities behind an economy of Volunteerism.  The people of the world, in their own communities, in their own unique ways, need to begin to reflect and share and brainstorm and explore and be inspired together into a new way of living as One United Worker, One Humanity on One Earth, where all are a part of a Collective Body that must now seek to support each and every human in Harmony and Unity.  It will take small groups of inspired people to begin a new Movement which will embody a more enlightened Spirit of Working for All, and for each other, where a new level of Freedom will be awakened that will allow the Human Spirit to take one more step towards its Unknown Greatness.  It is time, my fellow brothers and sisters of Earth, to take one more Leap that history will forever remember and be grateful for.  It is time to awaken to Our Power.

The Machine and the Impossible Dream

A machine is something that is meant to assist our life, our work and activities, to provide an aid, a support, for us to live more efficiently so that one might be able to have time for other life interests and pursuits.  It is not meant to be the dictator of life, to be the master over one’s actions.  This would be akin to finding out that the robot one built to do some basic chores around the house begins to assert its own command over you, rather than to serve the conscious creator of it.  If a machine began to do this, we would fight back!!  We would absolutely know and feel that we are not meant to be the slave of our creation/invention, which takes away our true liberty in life.  No, we would stop it at all costs.  And when a machine begins to get old and no longer works properly to serve its function, when our lives or our values change and need to have a different arrangement, we either upgrade the machine, make changes to it, or we scrap it altogether and find something which will allow what we truly value to be served, to be supported. 

This machine which we call Economy is now a robot in full force that has enslaved humanity to its own fruitless ends, to its inhumane and unconscious movements that do not lead to anywhere but divisiveness and destruction, fear and greed, poverty and disease.  The economic system as we have in our world is out of control and needs to be replaced.  It cannot support the awakening values of community, inclusiveness, oneness, unity in diversity, health and well-being, enlightened living, harmony, beauty, love, truth, spirit, growth and self-awareness, and so many other qualities of life that are emerging and evolving so powerfully at this point in humanity’s long march of Life…..And this Life is now pushing, engaging, yearning for Something Else.  It is causing all the conditions of the world to become unbearable to the point where humanity will be ready to act for the Change that is needed desperately. 

There is one thing that is indispensable for us to transform this out-of-control Machine that we call Economy, and to bear all its attacks and all its destructiveness, and that is Love.  This might sound very cliché and romantic to most people.  It might appear to be impractical and unreasonable, and yet it is ultimately Love which builds all experience of Community, which holds together nations and peoples all around the world, and it is Love that keeps them all strong and constantly fighting for the Future.  If you truly Love your country, your community, if you truly Love humanity and the Earth, then you will do everything in your power and everything in your Vision to help it to survive, to grow, to be all that it can be and more.  If you truly Love life, you will fight for an economy that reflects this Love, which values every single life and every single aspiring Soul.  If you truly Love, then you will sacrifice what you have, and what you are, for the Greatness of the whole of humanity, for the well-being of All and not just the few.  If you truly Love, you will fight for the solutions to each new moment’s challenges and obstacles in a way that brings Peace and Truth and Beauty into the next moment that follows, as best as one can.  If you truly Love, then you will work for the benefit of all humanity, not just for yourself or your family or even your country.  You will work for Love itself.  For if you do not work with Love, then it is a work that is truly empty, which follows a lonely road to nowhere, instead of the Road to Human Unity.

One day we will see that we no longer need any machines at all, for we will find our true Power within ourselves which will give us a Freedom of Life and Creation that we have yet to experience. . . . . and that will be the Great Transition of what was once an impossible Dream awakening into a very real Dream which will emerge as a New Life for All.

The Eternal Urge: A Collective Aspiration

Do we ever wonder what it is within us, what it is about Life, that seems to yearn?  Something deep inside us that seeks and aspires, which is curious and filled with an urge to grow, to know, to experience, to live.  It seems to be a movement, a push, or, even

A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstances.

A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstances.

a fire at times, something which cannot stop.  It is the very thing which animates us humans, and yet also gives a certain quality of movement and growth in the animal, in the plant, in the elements of nature, in the atoms, in the motions of the cosmos.  We – and by we I mean everything in this universe, upon Earth, and all the Spiritual Realms – seem to be going somewhere.  It is really quite obvious and undeniable.  We are moving forward, towards Something, even though we may not know at times what ‘forward’ means, or what that great Something really is.  It is simple to see in the movement of water journeying downstream, in the eventual blossoming of a flower from a seed, in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual growth of a child and human, in the progress and unfolding of the many Ages of humanity, even in the very existence of this mysterious something we call Time.  Its mere presence is an indication of something that once wasn’t, something that now is, and Something Else which has yet to be, but which is being built upon the substance of all the previous experiences and nurturing moments that have been lived….. as well as those we are having now. 

It is certainly the Spirit, the Soul, this mysterious and still unfamiliar Divine part of us which yearns, which sees and knows the Avenue that is unfolding through all the countless multitude of experiences.  But with this we can still become, perhaps, too vague, too complacent, and forget to peer deeper into this Yearning, into just how intimate and living it really is in all of Life……

Perhaps when we look more closely at our physical, material reality, we can see that it is also Time which yearns.  Perhaps Space is that movement of Time yearning for Something. 

We are the Earth’s children.  We are the culmination of the Earth’s own immense Collective Aspiration.  And yet, we are not the end of the Earth’s fruition.  There remains a great urge within humanity, an intense longing to become always something more than what it has been.  This yearning is the very evidence, the proof, of the inevitable Future to come.  What are we really?  Who are we?  By what do we and the Earth and all the motions of the cosmos yearn?  Towards what?  These questions grow still more and more palpable and intense in the hearts and minds of a humanity that is seeking more and more, wanting to Know, wanting to Become, wanting to Live and Breathe Something Else.

In each little seed there lies a hidden urge to grow, to become, to fulfill itself and all the truth that lies within it.  A hidden urge which can only move forward, can only progress, whatever the apparent result or outcome may be.  That urge, hidden in the atoms, becomes less hidden in the cell, grows in the plant and animal, erupts in the human.  The urge is not so hidden anymore, yet we ignore it famously, most abundantly.  We sense it, feel it often, then allow it to be overtaken by less important matters, cover it up in all the mud, and all the glitter and activity that seems to be a fulfillment of that urge, but which is not, and can never be.  This Urge returns again and again to be noticed, to be recognized for what it truly is, for its real purpose and meaning.  It is as if God were knocking on our door deep within us, pushing us along, even carrying us in this great Urge to Be, to Grow, to Live, to Manifest as Something…… Something.  Something which perhaps yearns also, but in a new way, a different way than what has yet to be, of what we have yet to feel and live.  A Conscious Urge.  An Urge which ultimately IS what it urges in each moment, which IS whatever it sees or dreams in its Beingness, which IS whatever it knows without any ignorance or doubt or uncertainty or confusion or falsehood, or even effort.  It IS the Effort.  The Urge simply becomes what it always was, a delightful pursuit and experience of All the infinite and eternal Possibility which it already Is……but with Total Consciousness of Itself and All.          

We are this Urge, this great yearning and Aspiration to be what is within us, which is Everything.  We are this Urge in our Hearts, in our Minds, in our Life, in our Body, and even in our  Cells.  We are the Spirit and Soul in all the little atoms moving, the cells calling and aspiring for something else, something which has yet to be.  This Urge is there in our spiritual and material depths, where the cells are always listening.  It is perhaps time that we all begin listening as well.  Only when we can truly learn to Listen will we begin to discover the True Source of this Yearning within us, and within all of Life.

Love and Human Unity

There are many qualities and powers of life that will need to be involved in the building of Human Unity upon Earth.  Yet, ultimately the presence of  a true Human Unity will emerge through one key Divine Power that lies at the Essence of humanity and life:


Human Unity will exist only through humanity’s capacity to Love each other totally and completely, without placing conditions upon our ability to love in any situation or with any human being, without asking “why” or wondering “how,” without needing any justifications.

A One Love which loves every human as a part of oneself, as a part of one same Mind, Life-Force, Spirit, Body, Soul, and Divine Existence.

A Perfect and Harmonious Love which offers ItSelf in a pure, unique manner and way that is right for each individual situation, each relationship, each person, which inspires in each Being the perfect action and movement to make in the exact right moment.

A Free Love which loves humanity whether one receives love in return or not, which offers love and infuses love into all Life around it.

An Expressive Love which gives ItSelf to all humanity as its own manifestation of Beauty.

An Infinite Love which loves all humanity’s diversity and gives humans the capacity to Identify ourselves with every human and all that exists as an intimate part of ourselves, our Soul-Being which contains All.

A Courageous Love which loves also the darkest side of human nature, the ignorant and the false and the painful, even as we seek to transform it.

A True Love which reveals the intimate union of our minds as the One Mind; a Love which reveals the intimate union of our life-force as the One Vital; a Love which reveals the intimate union of our material bodies, our infinite Cells, as the One Body; a Love which reveals the intimate union of our individual souls as the One Soul existent in All.

A Powerful Love which surrenders our entire personal and collective Existence – our identities, our personalities, our desires and preferences and wishes, our thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and actions, our very breath and vision, our total perception and experience of Reality; surrendering ourselves to That which is beyond humanity, to that Great Something Else which inspires the very Evolution and Unfolding of every moment, every atom and cell and Soul, every movement of Life.

An Intimate Love which binds atoms together to create form, a Love which binds cells together to create Life,  a Love that vibrates our existence in unison as the One Same Force of Consciousness, Force of Life, Force of Substance, Force of Love Itself – the Divine in ItSelf Embodied as Humanity and all of Existence.

A Nurturing Love which embraces the Universe as a Whole while caressing every particle and each human as a vibration and manifestation of Its own Divine Substance of Love.

A Consuming Love which dissolves and transforms all perception or experience of division and separation, which awakens the intimate Oneness that dwells within and between every cell, every mind, every heart, every body and Soul.

A Vast Love which sees all as Love, which feels all as Love, which knows all as Love.  A Love which is capable of loving each human as That Love Supreme, for We Are That Love.  There is nothing but That Love.

A Love which simply Is All Humanity at its core,

and which, through humanity and Life, expresses Love

as the Beauty of  an Infinitely and Eternally Unfolding Divine Unity.


Unity as Healing Power

There is really only one reason for the problems of the world, the disharmony and suffering of humanity.  It is division.  We live life with a constant perception of everything being separate from everything else, which includes our own perception of ourselves.  In all areas of life this perception of separation has masked itself as the sole truth of our experience of reality.  We have perceived for ages that countries are separate from other countries, that one race of people is separate from other races of people; we perceive that we are separate from nature, that our bodies are separate from other bodies, that our minds are separate from other minds, that our spirit and Soul is separate from other spirits and Souls; we perceive that mind is separate from body, that Soul is separate from body, that all of matter is separate pieces without any real connection; we perceive that people are separate from people, that spirit and heaven are separate from matter and Earth; we perceive that we are separate from God, from the Source, from Truth, and most importantly we perceive that we are separate from our own unique and powerful truth of Self within us. 

We have been born into this sense of separation, we have been educated and ‘experienced into it’ in countless ways throughout our lives, brainwashed by the unknowing past which masquerades itself as a habitual knowledge.  But all of it is simply not true.  It is an illusion we keep accepting.  This separation, this perception that everything is divided, is the falsehood which rules our whole consciousness and experience of our reality.  But it is not real.  This division is like a veil covering over another sense, another consciousness, of our reality.  It is the consciousness of Unity.

As a world we are beginning to experience this sense of Unity more and more in many ways.  Science is finding that matter is not separate pieces, but one vast whole, that there is an interdependence within vlcsnap-68394the eco-system within which we live and are only a part; and we experience the unity of people as they experience the similarities between cultures which seem so different, or even in those moments where tragedies force us to come together for a common purpose.  Yet most of our experiences of this profound and vast Unity, which is the foundation of everything, are limited to somewhat superficial movements or symbolic representations. While these are still powerful and real expressions of this Unity, there is a vaster sense of Unity which underlies our entire material and spiritual existence, and which is something which can be experienced dynamically, concretely, in the depths of one’s own Soul, one’s own being.  It is this inner sense, this inner Truth, of Unity which lives at the heart of our own self-existence that allows us to connect with all the life around us in deeper and more meaningful ways.  When we become more conscious of this within us, we are better able to engage and to heal all the difficulties we encounter in our everyday lives.  We begin to see how all is connected and that there is meaning in everything.

But how to awaken this direct experience of Unity within us?  Where does this experience of a true inner and outer Unity exist?  We must know the source of the division first to be able to truly understand how we can reach a real, tangible, living Unity within ourselves.  If we look at this problem of Division closely, we will see that its source is essentially the mind.  We must, first, differentiate between mind and consciousness.  Consciousness is something vast which is present in everything, everywhere, which is the very source of all that exists.  It could be equated with God itself, the Supreme, the Divine vision which lives and breathes in everything, as everything.  Mind is but a tool of this Consciousness, one layer or aspect of the Divine which is choosing to experience this part of Itself through us as mental beings.  Mind is what divides everything into pieces because that is its very function, its essential work, the reason for its existence.  Its division is the only way for it to relate things, to compare and discern them, to attempt to know them.  Yet its knowledge of things is inevitably limited by its inherent separation.  It sees and knows only through division – through dual vision, a sense of things as two, separate.  It cannot identify itself with the things it seeks to know, for it is essentially the agent of division. Again, this is the stamp of its role which it plays in existence, and it cannot get away from itself and its limited purpose as simply a temporary tool of consciousness, which is to be only a beginning mode of perception for humans along the pathway of evolution of consciousness towards greater Consciousness.  Mind must have division to perceive.

But pure Consciousness is something entirely free of this limiting perception of division, as its very nature is Unity.  There is behind the illusion of mind nothing but Unity, nothing but a spiritual and material Whole which breathes and moves together in unison. To get behind the illusion of mind is the challenge, for it is in the Silence of the mind that we are able to find this deeper sense of Unity, of true Consciousness.  When we are able to silence our minds, to empty ourselves of all the mind’s activities which act as a shield against the perception of what lies beyond it, we begin to open ourselves, to free ourselves, to experience the real foundation of our lives, our consciousness, our reality.  We can begin to sense something else entering us or awakening within us slowly, this feeling of oneness, of connectedness, even of harmony.  When we truly begin to feel this Unity within ourselves as the truth of our own existence, when it begins to grow and spread within all the various parts of our complex being, our consciousness, our thoughts, feelings, and actions, then a true healing power begins to also be present within us.  This is in fact what healing really is, the awakening of a greater Unity and Harmony of our entire individual and collective nature, of all the parts of our being within us, as well as all the parts of our collective human relationships which create our everyday reality.  With a perception of Unity comes the power to harmonize what is out of balance within us, to see clearly what connects us to our true Source of being and what is opposing this, to see what is out of place and thus have the power to work towards changing it.  As each of us creates this sense of Unity in ourselves slowly, we not only have an effect upon our own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and well-being, but we are healing the vast interrelationship of all humanity and the Earth.  We heal when we grow, when we transform ourselves, when we become who and what we really are behind all the illusions that we accept about ourselves without question.  And Unity is the foundation for this power to heal.

The Awakening


The Earth is awakening.  Humanity is awakening. We are not awakening simply to a new mental experience and knowledge of life, nor are we simply awakening to a new spiritual paradigm and existence.  We are awakening even in the very material substance of our bodies.  Matter itself is awakening.  It is awakening from a billion-years trance in which it has been imprisoned.  It is awakening from a mental stranglehold which has held it captive in its web-like snare, limited it from being what Matter purely is when it is free of Mind.  Matter is not dead.  It never was.  It only appears to be to our limited perceptiveness of life.  Our minds could not grasp the experience of the smallest particles of life for much of our human history, and so our experience has been dominated by the superficial, the surface appearances and movements which are absorbing and consuming, confusing and addicting.  With our minds we have sought to understand matter and its ways, its life and energies.  But it is not with our minds that we can see the depths of Matter’s truths, nor the truth of the human spirit.  We have not truly peered within ourselves with our inner sense, in the complete silence of the mind and emotions and sensations, and, because of this fact, we – including all the religions, spiritualities, and yogas of the history of the world – have not been able to discover that Matter contains its own greater truth which is inherently connected to the truth of all of life. 

Most of the religious and spiritual philosophies have put forth visions or messages about the realization of a “heaven on Earth,” but most have strangely adopted beliefs which suggest that heaven is beyond Earth and that the goal of spiritual progress is to ultimately renounce the world and life and be free of it all, to escape to some paradise beyond.  This is why all have ultimately failed in their attempts to change the world, for they cannot change a world that they see as sinful and ignorant, as illusion and false, when they also believe in escapism.  Escapism shall change nothing.  Matter is not evil, though it is dominated now by our mental ignorance, our human consciousness of falsehood.  Yet this is not our truth, nor the ultimate truth of Matter itself.  This is the great Mask which is hiding the real Face of Truth.  The true Face of Matter.  Matter as we experience it is not true Matter, but Matter enslaved by humanity’s limited consciousness, a consciousness of Mind, and of uncontrolled vital force.  We experience Matter according to our inner state of being, a state of being which dominates even the substance of our own bodies.  It is too simplistic to say that it is our everyday thinking mind which dictates our body’s experience, though thought and the “ordinary mind” does have its influence.  It is, rather, our entire Consciousness which is made up of various aspects and qualities and functions and planes of being which creates the experience of our everyday lives.  We are composed of mental energies, as well as vital energies and forces (Life-Force), and then of course our physical natures, the substance of our bodies which are the foundation of our experience.  The vital and mental planes of our being also within themselves have various aspects special to their nature, and all are bound up and interconnected within the physical embodiment (both individually and collectively).  Ultimately all of these aspects of our being – mental, vital, physical – are integrated within one united whole of a greater Spiritual existence, a Spirit-Substance which is, in truth, the Divine Itself in its phenomenal manifestation.  All of life, including Matter, is the supreme manifestation of a living Divine Consciousness, a Supreme Being, God in the most all-encompassing sense. 

Our world today is undergoing a shift in its perception of life and its perception of matter.  This shift will be seen as an immense leap into the future of the human experience.  We are slowly beginning to realize that this extreme distinction between spirit and matter, between God and Life, which we have held in most of our belief systems throughout human history is not true.  We are awakening to both the understanding that Matter is simply the manifestation of Spirit-Energy, that Matter is the living, breathing, evolving substance of God, of the Divine Consciousness which animates all of life.  There is no opposition!  Matter is form of Spirit, the living embodiment of this thing we call God.  Of course, by this we do not mean that this present manifestation of matter in our current reality and our experience of it is the absolute and total and perfect embodiment of the Divine.  What this means is that all of Matter reflects some aspect of this Divine Consciousness.  Currently matter is immersed in a consciousness of falsehood which we could very easily call unconsciousness or Ignorance as known by many in the Eastern spiritual traditions.  Yet while matter is controlled and transfixed in this unconsciousness there is in the heart of Matter an involved and potential Divine Consciousness which is behind all of it, urging the creation towards its Truth, its essential Source which is this Divine Consciousness.  This hidden Divinity in the Rock, in Matter, slowly works and evolves out of Its own Spirit Substance more of Itself, more and more of Its Divine Existence and Nature, building and expanding and growing the creation until it becomes prepared and capable of manifesting the true Fullness of the Divine Consciousness and its infinite and eternal splendors which lie beyond our present experience of life.  Again, I will repeat that it is IN MATTER where one can find the Divine Presence and Truth, and that Matter can help us to realize this.  This is where we can discover that the cells, the most humble and sincere and all-serving Cells of Life, are the supreme emissaries of God, of the Divine Consciousness.

The cells are not simply part of evolution, the cells ARE evolution.  It is absolutely true that we evolve spiritually, mentally, vitally, and psychically, but it is in our bodies, IN MATTER, where all of this evolution truly effects and transforms life, infusing new material realities into our existence.  Whatever spiritual evolution or growth occurs within ourselves, it is only when it is brought down to the level of Matter, through all the layers and levels of our being and consciousness, and into the cellular consciousness of our bodies, that evolution can materialize the Divine Truth in the physical plane of existence.  As long as we stay in our mental or vital “heavens,” the physical, material plane of life on Earth stays the same and undergoes no real transformation.  It is in the cells where the battle of the past, the present, and the Future is taking place.