Poem: Sunshine Dreams

like a shining dance upon rays of Life

she plays within Joy’s vast intimacy,

voicing Beauty’s melodious Song,

expressing Creation through her infinite Soul.


with a delicate sound she awakens a Smile

which casts its wide glow across space and time,

with a gentle touch she reveals a new Dawn

and blossoms a new movement upon Spirit’s Heart.


Light is her nature as she sings her Soul’s truth,

Love is her music’s echo in eternity,

where all songs are One, where new songs are Born,

where her rhythmic life whispers with Sunshine Dreams.


Poem: Under the Banyan Tree

in an atmosphere playful with the soul of a child

streaking clouds edged by an orange dusk of light

against a blue gaze of vast encompassing sky

feet nestling deeper in a soft earthen grass

inner eyes wandering beyond life’s appearances

a tree spreading its reach beyond its own capacity

mothering its future by a self-giving descent

seed-worlds shooting towards earth’s nourishing embrace

sprouting limbs rooting their persistent support

uplifting the body by which their growth aspires

cascading heaven through nature’s artistic dance

underneath the yearning of a spirit seeking to be

her presence a calm dream of beauty’s graceful smile

her sweetness caressing life’s intimate Heart

she sat cradled peacefully in Love’s gentle repose.

Banyanclose BanyanMatri

A Kiss of Innocence

In a time of my life when I found my Soul, it was the kiss of a small child that gave the experience a human Touch……but let me share with you some context first.

Many years ago I was involved in a year-long volunteer program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I worked with a refugee resettlement agency while living in community with a small group of good-hearted and idealistic young volunteers.  My work with the refugee agency involved many things, but mostly helping the newly arrived refugees move into their new homes – finding furniture, clothes, donations of all kinds to fill a house for people who had nothing upon arriving to a strange new land.  These refugees had fled their war-torn countries, as they were in danger of being persecuted or killed.  These were families, couples, and individuals, some formerly rich, some poor since birth, and others just normal people with their loves and talents, and their issues.  They came from many places – Vietnam, Cuba, Bosnia, Somalia, and other countries – and all had their own needs and expectations of their new life.  Some expected more than we could provide, some were grateful for every little thing….most were grateful.  I felt it an honor to be these refugees’ first friend in their new home, and happy to do my best to help them understand our way of life here. It was an experience that built an awareness of our true unity as humans – for we are not so different as it may seem.

At this time, in the midst of all of this, I was exploring my own deeper spirituality and awakening, and found myself Sunriseall of a sudden with The Awakening – that Supreme Moment when the Soul bursts open wide – saturating, permeating, vibrating, caressing, enveloping my mind, heart, body, cells, spirit, and entire Being in the sense of Oneness With All, with Absolute Bliss, Love, an overwhelming Peace and Silence that overtook everything else and left me with nothing but tears of Joy, tears of Gratitude, tears of Transformation.  Yes, even the cells of my body were vibrating to their core with this Experience (and they still are – even more so).  Like a molten flood of fluid Bliss-Light flowing through all one’s limbs and radiating out of one’s pores, I felt this permeating Glow-Force within and everywhere else around me at the same time.  All was One Body, One Being, One Infinite Life.  After this, everything changed in how I experienced every detailed sense and moment of the world around me – for all was a part of me, all was the Divine, all Connected with All.  There is a wonderful saying by Sri Aurobindo Ghose, who said “The Divine is in All, and All is in the Divine.”  I began (yes, only began) living these words on this day.  One can no longer live the same way after a Moment like this….and that Moment continued, and grew, and grew……and still grows now……but I digress!

In the wake of this experience, one day I was coming out of the refugee resettlement office, feeling quite alive and joyful already, and then noticed one Somali woman and her three-year-old son walking my way.  I had helped them recently to move into their new home – a family of 7 or 8 children (if I recall!) who needed a whole lot of help.  As we came together, I smiled and said hello to the mother and then looked down at the small little boy who immediately stuck out his hand to me.  His mother and I smiled at this, me thinking he wanted to shake my hand, and so I put out my hand to the little boy and he quickly grabbed my hand with both of his, pulled my hand towards him and gave the top of my hand a sweet little kiss!  Then he let go quickly threw his hands up into the air and gave me the biggest smile ever!  My friends, I melted….. We barely knew each other and yet this little boy showed his pure and absolute Love in that one little moment.  My Heart burst wide even more than before, tears in my eyes, Bliss and Love vibrating within me, my Soul intimately connected with this young boy as One.  This kiss of innocence was part of this expanding Soul awakening in my life…..it brought an intimate human side to the experience, which can often become, for many, too ‘etheric’ and ‘high’, too ‘ungrounded’ and above the Earth.  No, this experience for me was meant to bridge the great Depths and Heights with the Earth and Humanity, with the smallest of the small in life, humans and nature, our cells and bodies, and especially the child-Souls that are everywhere around us – whether they are actually children or adults.  This experience needed to be grounded in the ‘real’ and in the ‘personal,’ for it means nothing if we sit upon our spiritual heights and look down upon the world, which changes nothing for the Earth and humanity.  To be touched on all levels, transformed on all levels, wherever one may be, in whatever work on is doing, is the Spiritual Truth of today’s age.  Even a simple, tender kiss of innocence from a little Somalian boy can vibrate the Love and Beauty that will eventually change our world. 

May I wish you all a Kiss of Innocence…….

A Poem of Yoga

[This poem is for lovers of Yoga and the Life Within:]

a dance called Yoga breathes in the masquerade of life,

an intimate fire that sparks in each moment’s birth,

playing with movements in all forms with Delight –

It is the Divine Embrace of the sacred She and He

who enfold each other in a work of sublime Unity,

a disharmony working out Harmony in All,

Seeking as the Seeker for what All already Is:

a spontaneous improvisation of infinite Destinies

bound together in a Conscious Choreography,

a vast Unison of Spirit kissing the marriage of Being,

touching the space within space, all points of time’s eternity,

frolicking in masks of divine atoms and cells,

and in bodies that aspire with God’s limitless Fire.

Our Yoga flows in the gestures of a diverse Soul Exchange,

discovering the Freedom that awakens when Oneness consumes,

opening a Self-Lit Vision of the Eternal’s Wide Love

where our universal Souls meet in a Caress from Above.

Waves of Humility

I stood on a beach along the Bay of Bengal in Auroville, India, holding a container filled with the ashes of my friend Ariela.  It was dawn, the sun had risen and was glistening upon the sea with crashing waves pounding the sand, mixing with it, pulling it out into its watery vastness.  I sat down in the sand and began to chant the mantra of our mutual spirit-cell-teacher-Guru-Mother, the Divine Mother. 

I offered everything in that moment – the years of waiting that her family and husband waited for her final wish to be realized, the years of sitting in that container with me, the journey across the world from America to this special place in India, our true Home, my connection to Ariela, her connection to me, the whole dynamic path of life being unfolded in that moment, and myself, my entire being.  I offered it all to the Divine, hoping I was doing something good here and wanting it all to be perfect for Ariela beyond and for the Divine.  I chanted the mantra –  Om Namoh Bhagavate – and surrendered it all there on that beach in Auroville.  I meditated and offered this ash-Matter – once body, yet still Body – vibrating with Spirit Presence of Ariela awaiting, I sensed, some small release in this world in order to better move on in her journey. 

I stood up and walked, in shorts and shirt, to the water and began to wade in slowly.  The undertoe was immense even at a foot deep.  The waves were coming in big and fast, crashing, spreading its mist like some watery being exhaling into the air around.  I kept wading carefully into the sea up to knee height, the water swirling and chaotic from the dynamism of the waves crashing before me.  I held the plastic bag filled with Ariela’s past and wondered what the right way would be to do this, to release her into the earth’s living Poseidon.  I held the ashes and began slowly to release them into the water, chanting more Om Namoh Bhagavate, with as much reverence, respect, and Love as I could.  As I continued to release the ashes, one big wave decided to surge forward in a big swell and slap right into my chest and body, knocking me over and into the water, full-clothed, still holding the half-full bag of ashes that were now mixing with the salt-water stew of the sea.  I got up semi-dazed and knew immediately she was smiling, and I was laughing.  Laughing.  It was like a humorous slap in the face, “Noel!  Stop taking all this so seriously!  Live!  Breathe!  Smile!  Laugh!”  Like an ego-check, telling me to let go of all this and everything.  Ariela, of course, was and is still with me and is doing work in the great beyond to help realize all that the world of Matter is destined to become and manifest.  “No, it’s not about me or her,” I realized.  It’s about Something Else.  It’s about some great Divine Presence which is working in Matter now, in our cells, in EVERYTHING!  The great Divine Mother is in all of Matter, transforming Herself, Ourself which is also Herself, everything, from the depths of Matter and in particular in the little cells in our bodies and in nature.  These little cells with big wisdom.  A wisdom which is LIVED, which is REAL!  Not up in the mind floating about waiting for something below to catch it and try to create it, but down down down in the body’s cellular workings, where the Divine Mother breathes Her living Form and is undoing the habit of ages to bring forth something new.  Something unbelievably New. 

We must not mistake, it is not we humans who are transforming or can do this transformation in Matter.  It is only the Divine, the Divine Force and Power, the Divine Will and Grace, which can awaken and embody the next leap of evolution.  We do nothing but by the Will of the Divine, even our fragmented and ignorant will is sourced from the great Will of the Supreme, and so all that we do, think, believe, breathe, feel, sense, all of our movements inward and outward are the movements of the Supreme in His Supreme Action through the Divine Mother’s Supreme Body. 

Ariela’s body ashes merged once more with the Divine Mother’s Body, and my own body was given a good reminder to stay present in this body of mine.  To be aware in this body, and to surrender everything for what lies ahead.