Human Unity

by noel parent

playing in a vast field of Oneness

a false division strives towards the True

in conflict and tension seeking to Become,

yet lost in its own distorted vision:

a sight born of separation’s lie

casting shadows where only Light exists,

imagining abysses where only Connection dwells;

illusions mimicking as reality in mind’s divide.


embodied beings upon a missioned Way

struggling to realize a reconciled Image,

a universal diversity upon the breath of the Divine

moving together in a forgotten unison,

collectively blossoming a limitless Life

where Youth flows from the womb of death

as an unending Expression of humanity’s One Soul.


from moment to moment life’s endless labor reveals,

awareness expanding upon Surrender’s poise,

minds joining with vastness of Mind,

hearts merging in a single Ocean Heart,

bodies melting within a Supreme Body;

a secret Closeness hidden in the kiss of space

as an animated Existence envisioning Itself

with married eyes gazing from the inner Expanse.


stationed in Truth’s indivisible Being,

an Eternal Love with an Infinite Embrace,

a Supreme Harmony dances between Souls,

intimate and free, a caress of God’s Identity

in the born substance of a Human Unity.


Inspiration’s Light

 by noel parent

from the silent depths of a lone tranquil space,

an infinite expanse contained within a single heart,

a widening eye peers into the mystery Birth:

Existence emanating from a causeless Joy,

a pulsating breath from the Infinite’s fount,

Love’s golden inspiration infusing vast seeds,

exhaling bound elements of limitlessness,

absorbed within an inhaling universe,

transmitting sacred cycles of emerging truths;

forms crystallizing within an Artist’s formless pool,

all space-time joined before one Vision’s immensity,

all action gestured by a magic unseen Hand,

tides of immense Force guiding waves of gentle change,

spirit particles dancing one rhythmic flow:

every human step uplifting humanity,

earth’s growth availing a cosmic adventure,

a creation harmonizing through a Transcendent work,

motions of an inspired body unfolding its way,

the Supreme manifesting a mutual progress,

Truth’s evolution within creation’s unity,

an intimate web resonating Life’s constant flux,

every moment an action inborn from the divine,

each point radiating a universal Response,

nature’s reaction to an omnipotent Will,

an immeasurable catalyst transforming All.

new dawns appearing through the soul’s opening,

a living Future aroused from Death’s finality –

life’s ultimate separation from its immortal Source,

matter’s hypnotic repetition of memory,

a lower nature clinging to its obstinate past

rejecting its higher nature’s will to be,

a chaotic mixture battling for harmony,

destruction’s mask concealing inspiration’s Light.


new Forces pursuing revelation’s turn,

Infinity’s Truth ushering Transformation’s surge,

heaven’s lightning urge piercing earth’s inveterate base,

pouring Perfection’s transfiguring elixir

into reality’s open and supple womb,

stirring inner depths to free the immanent God

and awaken the atom into the conscious Whole.

infinitesimal movements of consciousness

evoking the Multitudes towards a living Oneness,

each second a deathless quest for the immortal breath,

a reality maturing by infinity’s Future; 

matter’s liberation born from Aspiration’s call,

vibrations of calm conquering a stark resistance,

the grace of a Consciousness whose gaze inhabits All,

whose touch is the blossoming of life’s Eternity:

a surrendered creation unveiling heaven’s Seed,

a universal cocoon releasing the Supreme Butterfly,

a luminous Child expressing the endless Soul.

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