Spiritual Guidance

More people around the world are seeking answers to questions about life and spirituality, and how to live a life with more Meaning and Joy.  These questions may be of a more personal nature, dealing with specific inner or outer problems or issues in life, or they may be more general, out of a curiosity to understand and experience life more deeply.  Ultimately, the answers to our questions can and must be found Within for each person, in their own unique way.  Each has his/her own Path to the Divine, to Truth, to God, and each has the inner Power to realize this and grow more into their Destiny.

What I am offering here, to you, is Online Spiritual Guidance through written correspondence which will address your specific personal questions and issues, tailored just for you.  This mainly involves providing a more clear understanding of the issues or questions you have, as well as some advice about possible steps to take or practices to experiment with for finding your own answers and inner Guidance. 

Would you like guidance on how to meditate or live a more spiritual-centered life?

Are you having difficulty knowing what to do with your life?

Do you want to live more from your Heart and Soul, but not quite sure how?

Do you want more clarity about the direction of your life, whether spiritually or otherwise?

Do you want help in sorting through mental or emotional issues or confusion?

Do you want to understand life’s meaning and purpose more clearly?

Do you have questions about any spiritual-related subjects in life, including Yoga, Meditation, Consciousness, Soul, Energy and its Centers, Truth, etc.?

Do you want to increase your spiritual practice to bring more Peace, Light, Clarity, Love and Understanding into your life?

Do you want to begin exploring the power of physical healing through Spiritual Consciousness work?

Do you simply have questions about Life in general and curious to find out more?

There is only one person in the world that can awaken you to your Inner Truth and Guidance:  YOU!  All that you truly need to know is within you always.  However, most people need some assistance in sorting through all of our mental, emotional, and spiritual ‘stuff’ that is happening within us.  By finding more inner clarity and understanding we can awaken the natural tools within us that will help us discover our own unique and personal Truth and Consciousness.  Sometimes we just need a little change or shift in our thinking or way of perceiving life in order to help free our inner power and truth.  I am here to help guide you with the Understanding and the practical tools to help you start taking the steps to find this inner spiritual power and truth that lies within you.

To receive guidance from me, you must first fill out a very basic Questionnaire which helps you to give me enough information about you, your spiritual history, and your current issues and questions so that I can answer you adequately and with as much detail and inspiration as possible.  The more details and information you can provide, the more specific my answers can be, and the deeper we can dive into your questions!  If in some way I cannot answer your question, I will be honest and tell you this directly, but will offer whatever help I can nonetheless.

What I offer here is not ‘psychic readings,’ though a certain amount of Intuition and Inner Sense can be involved in what I share.  I am simply offering some of the wisdom of my own inner experience and knowledge to help guide you in whatever questions you may have about your life in relation to Spirit, Soul, and the Divine Consciousness…….or God, Creator, Source Being, Supreme Being, or whatever Name you give to That Which Is Our Source.

I am a certified Minister through the Universal Life Church, and a certified Reiki Practitioner, and have over 15 years of experience practicing and exploring and experimenting with many forms of Yoga, Meditation, and other spiritual practices, including Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Integral Yoga, Pranayama breathwork, Intuitive Body Movement, Kundalini Yoga, and more.  I currently live in a spiritual community called Auroville in South India. 


I try my best to offer guidance to anyone needing help regardless of ability to pay.  In an effort to bring a change in the consciousness of how humans perceive the power and role of money in life, I am currently offering this service by donation……this means that YOU are the one responsible for putting a Value to what I offer you, and then finding the Generosity in your Heart to offer what you can in return. 

However, just like everyone else in the world, I must survive, so please consider giving whatever you can……whether that be $5, $20, $50, or whatever you can, per reply.  Pay what you feel is the value for you, according to your financial means.  As a guide, one page of writing takes about 45 minutes to one hour of my time, so a minimum base fee of around $15 – $20 per page is a good beginning, but again, please pay what you feel you can!  I do NOT send you pre-written material, but am writing answers specifically FOR YOU, tailored to your questions and issues.

If you are interested in exploring my service, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email.  Again, my motivation and aspiration is to help you in any way I can, so don’t allow money to be the determining factor.  Feel in your Heart what you want and need, and then decide from That.

I  am sorry but I cannot meet anyone in person, unless you are in Auroville, India, or I happen to be traveling in your area of the world.  Skype meetings are currently not possible, but may be available in the future….

Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other kind of councilor (though I have done some studies in these areas).  I am a certified Minister and Reiki Practitioner.  This service should not replace professional psychological or other mental and physical therapy if it is needed.  This is meant only as guidance akin to that of a priest or spiritual guide, and I cannot be held responsible for any mental, emotional, or physical instability.  All information you give me, and my replies to you, will remain strictly Confidential!!