Guidance Questionnaire

The following is a questionnaire for those who are requesting my Online Spiritual Guidance.  Please fill out each section to the best of your ability, as briefly as possible, but with enough detailed information to give me an idea of your questions or issues.  If you wish, you may also use the questionnaire as simply a way to explore yourself for yourself, if desired.

1.  Name:  (If wish to remain anonymous, please indicate)

2.  Date:

3.  Spiritual Background:

  • What kind of religious or spiritual upbringing did you have growing up as a child?  Describe briefly.
  • Briefly describe what your current basic belief about God, the Divine, Life, is?
  • Do you have any specific spiritual practices you have done in the past, or are currently doing? (i.e. Yoga, meditation, tai-chi, etc.)

4.  Is your question, or need for guidance, of a personal or more general nature?  (for example, do you have a specific personal issue or question you want to ask a question about, or do you simply have a general interest in finding out more about a particular spiritual subject or question?)

5.  Please state your specific question(s) or issue(s) that you would like guidance for, providing as much detail as possible, especially for personal issues and problems (if you are asking questions relating to more personal issues, please give as much ‘context’ as possible, sharing your situation in detail, with descriptions of outer experiences, relationships, and/or inner feelings and perceptions/thoughts dealing with the issue.  The more detail you provide, the better I can provide guidance.

Please know that all answers and guidance are like life….. they keep on flowing and evolving!  So whatever guidance I provide are merely a step for you to grow from and explore with at this moment in your life, which will lead to more questions and experiences to grow into.


I try my best to offer guidance to anyone needing help regardless of ability to pay.  In an effort to bring a change in the consciousness of how humans perceive the power and role of money in life, I am currently offering this service by donation……this means that YOU are the one responsible for putting a Value to what I offer you, and then finding the Generosity in your Heart to offer what you can in return. 

However, just like everyone else in the world, I must survive, so please consider giving whatever you can……whether that be $5, $20, $50, or whatever you can, per reply.  Pay what you feel is the value for you, according to your financial means.  As a guide, one page of writing takes about 45 minutes to one hour of my time, so a minimum base fee of around $20 per page is a good beginning, but again, please pay what you feel you can!  I do NOT send you pre-written material, but am writing answers specifically FOR YOU, tailored to your questions and issues.

Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other kind of councilor (though I have done some studies in these areas).  I am a certified Minister and Reiki Practitioner.  This service should not replace professional psychological or other mental and physical therapy if it is needed.  This is meant only as guidance akin to that of a priest or spiritual guide, and I cannot be held responsible for any mental, emotional, or physical instability.  All information you give me, and my replies to you, will remain strictly Confidential!!