Poem: Sentinal of Light

beneath the currents of an aging time

rumbles the silence of a Life sublime

with power as mighty as water’s caress

divine whispers answer impossible bequests

for there lies intimate as a naked moan

a fragile Need urging itself upon bone

seeking One’s own dynamic salvation

manifesting Itself as an earthly liberation


yet Mind attempting what lies beyond its grasp

sees none other than its own crippling past

and there lost amidst a noisy division

that unuttered Silence comforts the schism

conscious of its lone eternal Effort

hastening what lies unconsciously at work

deep within the shadows of man’s suffering

a Sentinel of Light, Life’s humble offering


Poem: Golden Dream

seekers of the Light and its emerging Dawn,SunEarth

the stewards of Truth plant their earthen roots

deep in the certainty of a Golden Dream

that hearkens the arrival of Divinity’s Life,

the promise of an age of Freedom’s breathing flight.


casting their seeds upon a resistant soil

as courageous pilgrims along a destined way

their sincerity nourishes an unending growth,

a faithful progression towards the heavenly Child,

a New Earth born from aspiration’s yearning fire.

The Eternal Urge: A Collective Aspiration

Do we ever wonder what it is within us, what it is about Life, that seems to yearn?  Something deep inside us that seeks and aspires, which is curious and filled with an urge to grow, to know, to experience, to live.  It seems to be a movement, a push, or, even

A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstances.

A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstances.

a fire at times, something which cannot stop.  It is the very thing which animates us humans, and yet also gives a certain quality of movement and growth in the animal, in the plant, in the elements of nature, in the atoms, in the motions of the cosmos.  We – and by we I mean everything in this universe, upon Earth, and all the Spiritual Realms – seem to be going somewhere.  It is really quite obvious and undeniable.  We are moving forward, towards Something, even though we may not know at times what ‘forward’ means, or what that great Something really is.  It is simple to see in the movement of water journeying downstream, in the eventual blossoming of a flower from a seed, in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual growth of a child and human, in the progress and unfolding of the many Ages of humanity, even in the very existence of this mysterious something we call Time.  Its mere presence is an indication of something that once wasn’t, something that now is, and Something Else which has yet to be, but which is being built upon the substance of all the previous experiences and nurturing moments that have been lived….. as well as those we are having now. 

It is certainly the Spirit, the Soul, this mysterious and still unfamiliar Divine part of us which yearns, which sees and knows the Avenue that is unfolding through all the countless multitude of experiences.  But with this we can still become, perhaps, too vague, too complacent, and forget to peer deeper into this Yearning, into just how intimate and living it really is in all of Life……

Perhaps when we look more closely at our physical, material reality, we can see that it is also Time which yearns.  Perhaps Space is that movement of Time yearning for Something. 

We are the Earth’s children.  We are the culmination of the Earth’s own immense Collective Aspiration.  And yet, we are not the end of the Earth’s fruition.  There remains a great urge within humanity, an intense longing to become always something more than what it has been.  This yearning is the very evidence, the proof, of the inevitable Future to come.  What are we really?  Who are we?  By what do we and the Earth and all the motions of the cosmos yearn?  Towards what?  These questions grow still more and more palpable and intense in the hearts and minds of a humanity that is seeking more and more, wanting to Know, wanting to Become, wanting to Live and Breathe Something Else.

In each little seed there lies a hidden urge to grow, to become, to fulfill itself and all the truth that lies within it.  A hidden urge which can only move forward, can only progress, whatever the apparent result or outcome may be.  That urge, hidden in the atoms, becomes less hidden in the cell, grows in the plant and animal, erupts in the human.  The urge is not so hidden anymore, yet we ignore it famously, most abundantly.  We sense it, feel it often, then allow it to be overtaken by less important matters, cover it up in all the mud, and all the glitter and activity that seems to be a fulfillment of that urge, but which is not, and can never be.  This Urge returns again and again to be noticed, to be recognized for what it truly is, for its real purpose and meaning.  It is as if God were knocking on our door deep within us, pushing us along, even carrying us in this great Urge to Be, to Grow, to Live, to Manifest as Something…… Something.  Something which perhaps yearns also, but in a new way, a different way than what has yet to be, of what we have yet to feel and live.  A Conscious Urge.  An Urge which ultimately IS what it urges in each moment, which IS whatever it sees or dreams in its Beingness, which IS whatever it knows without any ignorance or doubt or uncertainty or confusion or falsehood, or even effort.  It IS the Effort.  The Urge simply becomes what it always was, a delightful pursuit and experience of All the infinite and eternal Possibility which it already Is……but with Total Consciousness of Itself and All.          

We are this Urge, this great yearning and Aspiration to be what is within us, which is Everything.  We are this Urge in our Hearts, in our Minds, in our Life, in our Body, and even in our  Cells.  We are the Spirit and Soul in all the little atoms moving, the cells calling and aspiring for something else, something which has yet to be.  This Urge is there in our spiritual and material depths, where the cells are always listening.  It is perhaps time that we all begin listening as well.  Only when we can truly learn to Listen will we begin to discover the True Source of this Yearning within us, and within all of Life.