Poem: Spirit of Change

as consciousness continues along its habitual grooves 

and life mimics history’s dying memories,

a spirit of change works its transfiguring grace

pressing infinity upon a finite world

awakening eternity’s gaze within the vision of time,

a vast power mingling with every atom’s move,

penetrating the heart of all unseen things,

the microcosms which build into the macrocosm’s eye,

the forces which vibrate within a vastness supreme,

calling forth from within the sun-birth of matter’s cells;

a spirit that dwells in the circulating air,

which inhales an unknown presence inhabiting all

and strikes its blows upon satisfaction’s lies,

purifying the aged truths of humanity’s ways

in the transforming fires of divinity’s dawn;

stalking falsehood with its illuminating Truth

it grows in the years and appears in the obvious,

an invisible worker of commonplace miracles,

dissolving all obstacles with a mere touch;

it tilts perception towards a newly lit view,

fashioning beliefs and thoughts by harmony’s rhythm,

arranging every atom by the Divine’s omnipotent Will,

it smiles in the child born for the Future;

it is a wave of living truth, conscious and free,

which finds as much delight in a rock as in a hand

and seeks to manifest the unknown in earth’s unknowing cradle.

Painting by Priti Ghosh of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Painting by Priti Ghosh of Sri Aurobindo Ashram