Poem: i have something to say


i have something to say.

no matter whether i am believed or disbelieved,

rewarded or punished,

praised or belittled.

i must say what i have to say.

there is no other way.

yet should i say it poetically

only the poets would hear.

should i try selling it to voters

it would become lost in politics.

if i were to sing it

it would dance for a while,

then fade into unpopularity.

if i were to paint a picture of it,

its colors would speak for a while,

then dry into a dead permanence.

if i were to scream it,

yell it everywhere i go,

it would run in fear and anger,

recoiling into the shadows awaiting another day.

were i to put it into law,

it would lie scorned by the rebellious nature.

were i to kill for it,

it would wither itself into a lonely grave.

were i to represent it by any form,

surround it with words and deeds,

still there would seem an incompleteness to it’s nature.

yet if i were to ignore it,

stifle it as a repressed heart never to be expressed,

my Soul would cry ceaselessly unto the dying ages.


i have something to say,

and so with an inadequate word, i say



Poem: Water


the limitless smooth

shape-shifting into places

of unseen imaginations

infinite forms

fluidly allowing a caress unknown

seeping into soils

kissing all of Life with its

flowing, endless intimacy

freezing into restriction

yet melting into softness


yet convincing the most hardened

of its power

heat dispersing its elements

mystical vapors

lingering as yet another form

penetrating ever more hidden depths

mingling into Life forms

as nature becomes human by its grace

are we not each but a cup-full of this

limitless wholy water?

mingling mingling


a power

awaiting its next spill

into infinite eternity


Poem: Sentinal of Light

beneath the currents of an aging time

rumbles the silence of a Life sublime

with power as mighty as water’s caress

divine whispers answer impossible bequests

for there lies intimate as a naked moan

a fragile Need urging itself upon bone

seeking One’s own dynamic salvation

manifesting Itself as an earthly liberation


yet Mind attempting what lies beyond its grasp

sees none other than its own crippling past

and there lost amidst a noisy division

that unuttered Silence comforts the schism

conscious of its lone eternal Effort

hastening what lies unconsciously at work

deep within the shadows of man’s suffering

a Sentinel of Light, Life’s humble offering



Poem: Creation

by Grace do the hands of art perform their works

within a silent womb of enchantment’s space

where time unfolds Infinity’s vision

and dances as divinity’s childlike play

creation unbound, free as a gentle breeze

which seeks nothing but its own delight

inherent in its own existence and flight

as the presence of each moment justifies itself

and announces to life its beauty of being.

Art by Olga

Art by Olga


A Poem of Yoga

[This poem is for lovers of Yoga and the Life Within:]

a dance called Yoga breathes in the masquerade of life,

an intimate fire that sparks in each moment’s birth,

playing with movements in all forms with Delight –

It is the Divine Embrace of the sacred She and He

who enfold each other in a work of sublime Unity,

a disharmony working out Harmony in All,

Seeking as the Seeker for what All already Is:

a spontaneous improvisation of infinite Destinies

bound together in a Conscious Choreography,

a vast Unison of Spirit kissing the marriage of Being,

touching the space within space, all points of time’s eternity,

frolicking in masks of divine atoms and cells,

and in bodies that aspire with God’s limitless Fire.

Our Yoga flows in the gestures of a diverse Soul Exchange,

discovering the Freedom that awakens when Oneness consumes,

opening a Self-Lit Vision of the Eternal’s Wide Love

where our universal Souls meet in a Caress from Above.