Poem: Human Unity

playing in a vast field of Oneness

a false division strives towards the True

in conflict and tension seeking to Become,

yet lost in its own distorted vision:

a sight born of separation’s lie

casting shadows where only Light exists,

imagining abysses where only Connection dwells;

illusions mimicking as reality in mind’s divide.


embodied beings upon a missioned Way

struggling to realize a reconciled Image,

a universal diversity upon the breath of the Divine

moving together in a forgotten unison,

collectively blossoming a limitless Life

where Youth flows from the womb of death

as an unending Expression of humanity’s One Soul.


from moment to moment life’s endless labor reveals,

awareness expanding upon Surrender’s poise,

minds joining with vastness of Mind,

hearts merging in a single Ocean Heart,

bodies melting within a Supreme Body;

a secret Closeness hidden in the kiss of space

as an animated Existence envisioning Itself

with married eyes gazing from the inner Expanse.


stationed in Truth’s indivisible Being,

an Eternal Love with an Infinite Embrace,

a Supreme Harmony dances between Souls,

intimate and free, a caress of God’s Identity

in the born substance of a Human Unity.


Poem: Transcendent Sky

Consciousness opens

into patterned skies of creamy marshmallow mountains

sloping towards cavernous crevasses of Light,

a picturesque day-time Starry Night,

with rolling clouds of foamy waves swirling

endlessly amidst grey-streaked mountain ranges of misty fogs.

Soft pillow pockets of wonder

unleashing beasts of imagination,

thunderclapping sparks of indestructible Spirit.

searching Soul floating

within clouds of conscious unconsciousness,

echoing through smears of Light

bellowing masses of Truth,

calling the Powerful individuations

to join the Grand Discussion of All.

Energy within Being,

soothing Existence with the profound Joy and Peace of Love,

an ever-Present Love,

hidden by the cluttered mind.

Spirit descending

through brilliantly Illuminated puffy white cloud explosions,

gently hovering above waving trees

of green, yellow, red, brown, orange.

Peacefulness coursing through the Illusion of Life,

resting in inexistent shadow-dreams,

inconceivable and unrecognized.

Spirit delighting in even-mindedness,

flowing onward within ItSelf,

a realization of the simple


Glistening clear waters appearing,

revealing a sparkling stillness of Life.

Spirit dipping closer,

skimming across dreamy watery nothingness.


suspended afloat above rippling reflections,

Spirit submerging within the Vision.

Enveloped by a sweet fragrant glow,

Light particles flashing by,

Spirit beams within its own peaceful

Transcendent Sky.


Poem: Sentinal of Light

beneath the currents of an aging time

rumbles the silence of a Life sublime

with power as mighty as water’s caress

divine whispers answer impossible bequests

for there lies intimate as a naked moan

a fragile Need urging itself upon bone

seeking One’s own dynamic salvation

manifesting Itself as an earthly liberation


yet Mind attempting what lies beyond its grasp

sees none other than its own crippling past

and there lost amidst a noisy division

that unuttered Silence comforts the schism

conscious of its lone eternal Effort

hastening what lies unconsciously at work

deep within the shadows of man’s suffering

a Sentinel of Light, Life’s humble offering


Poem: Under the Banyan Tree

in an atmosphere playful with the soul of a child

streaking clouds edged by an orange dusk of light

against a blue gaze of vast encompassing sky

feet nestling deeper in a soft earthen grass

inner eyes wandering beyond life’s appearances

a tree spreading its reach beyond its own capacity

mothering its future by a self-giving descent

seed-worlds shooting towards earth’s nourishing embrace

sprouting limbs rooting their persistent support

uplifting the body by which their growth aspires

cascading heaven through nature’s artistic dance

underneath the yearning of a spirit seeking to be

her presence a calm dream of beauty’s graceful smile

her sweetness caressing life’s intimate Heart

she sat cradled peacefully in Love’s gentle repose.

Banyanclose BanyanMatri

Poem: Creation

by Grace do the hands of art perform their works

within a silent womb of enchantment’s space

where time unfolds Infinity’s vision

and dances as divinity’s childlike play

creation unbound, free as a gentle breeze

which seeks nothing but its own delight

inherent in its own existence and flight

as the presence of each moment justifies itself

and announces to life its beauty of being.

Art by Olga

Art by Olga