pouring springtime

pouring springtime upon the mind’s eyes
a shadowless vision of a life yet to be
clouds and sun perceived as dancing soul-mates
as rainy days reveal blessings cloaked in wetness
and sunny gifts awaken in the revelations of light
they dance and perceive each others’ roles
moving as if upon some greater living Stage
which itself moves with some other hidden Agenda

rebirth awakens upon a new season’s time
upon a cycle of unimagined lifetimes
bearing witness to an undiscovered evolution
a fruitful revolution of one collective Soul
bound together in multiplying appearances
that never depart their original Womb
but awaken to summers of Infinity
a Blossoming Eternity of Unity’s Gaze
where autumn is but preparation’s phase
and the cries of winter holding Aspiration
as Hope for the embryo of Inspiration
where unending Grace thunders down upon the land
from heavens that shine in springtime’s hands
and Creation finds its true home in Spirit’s earthen doors
where God finds itself peaking through all matter’s eyes
to marvel in radiance at Its own Self-Majesty.


Poem: Oneness

my invisible, shapeless Being

swimming through my own clear, succulent air,

tasting the wind’s breath as my own,

living an evaporated Presence of Spirit

where separation ceases to exist.

drifting motionless within Presence,

Existence spins all around and within Being.

the glazed mountain tops,

sprawled with waves of green silence,

seem distantly below,

yet a small reach away.

distance and space folding together,

a part of me, as One.

I breathe,

and so does the earth,

and so does God.