Our Communicating Cells

At this very moment, your cells are talking.  Yes, they are talking.  In their own way.  They are communicating to you constantly, in every moment, of their world, their life, their existence.  Which is your CellPainting2existence as well.  But we have been trained to not believe this to be true.  We have been told to either see the body and the material world as something sinful and wrong, void of truth and God, or to see the material world as the only part of our existence, limiting our sense of reality and our ability to seek the truths which lie beyond the material world, beyond the scientific approach to matter’s physical reality.  We have been given opposing images and told to choose one or the other.  And yet the cells are communicating with us.  They are telling us their own story.  They are trying to break through the tyranny of our mental perception of life and reality in order to show us a different reality underneath, behind, beyond, our sense of things.  They want us to pay attention to them, and are crying out in their own ways for us to listen.  And to change.  They have a mighty story to share with us.  An adventure beyond any adventure that we humans, or the Earth as a whole, have ever embarked upon.  This adventure has been going on for a very long time.  And yet it is just beginning.  The time is now to begin a new journey in our perception of reality, in our understanding of ourselves and life, and a new journey in transforming ourselves and the world we are inherently interconnected with in a way that is so profound that when we truly begin to dynamically embody this new way of seeing, feeling, sensing, perceiving existence, well . . . we will awaken suddenly into . . . . Something Else.

The cells are my heroes.  Just think about it for a moment.  Imagine and feel in your own body the billions, trillions of cells at work in you at this very instant.  Yes, they are all at work right now.  They are ALWAYS at work, serving us, serving the Divine Soul that leads us, right down into the cells and atoms of our bodies.  They are working to keep us alive, to give us the life that we live in every moment.  And they do so with utter selflessness, with such a total self-giving that they do not stop to “think” what they are doing or “notice” what they are doing.  They are consecrated servers to the Divine within us, to our Soul which is the flame of our being originated from that very Divine Source which animates all of life, breathing through everything, manifesting through all.  The cells serve the Divine within us, even as they also serve us in our actions and choices and movements throughout the seconds and minutes and hours and days and years of our lives.  They listen to us as we demand, command, all that we “want” or “desire.”  They do their very best to create what we signal them to be and do.  And yet, there is so much confusion about what we want, just as there is in the world around us, and within us.  Our mind and thoughts say so many things (so often contradictory from one minute to the next), our vital emotions feel and express so many other things (so often contradictory from one second to the next!), and the world around us is telling us to be so many things, to receive and embody so many differing images, sights, sounds, sensations.  We are a vast ocean of dictators, everything and everyone wanting us to be what it feels, what it thinks, what it sees, what it senses, what it desires, chooses, acts upon.  The cells receive all of this.  They are constantly receiving all the messages that we as individuals, and as a vastly interconnected collectivity, experience and re-create or express.  Our cells become these images of life and repeat these images as long as we choose to allow them to occupy our consciousness – our mental consciousness, our vital/emotional consciousness, our physical consciousness, our spiritual consciousness.  They are constantly processing all that we are and become (or rather they are becoming, first, what we are ultimately becoming and being), while also listening, and being guided in their secret Depths, to that Force of Life, that Source of Being which we may call God or the Divine, which is at the heart of everything, and yet also transcends all.  The cells are guided by this Source, are embodying this Source, while we enslave them in the limited and narrow perceptions and desires that we identify with.  Just as we can only become something new, experience something new in our lives, if we allow ourselves to let go of who and what we think we are, of all our past, the cells can only begin to truly reflect and embody something new if they are healed of all the past impressions that are held within their substance.  Unless they can let go of the past and be free to become only what that Divine Influence in their depths infuses into them, they will simply continue to reproduce what is familiar and habitual to their nature, which we are in control of (to a degree).  The cells aspire to be free, to be what they really are underneath our mental and vital and spiritual commands and directions, just as we aspire to truly be free within ourselves, but have not yet found the key to letting go completely.  The cells, our little miniscule, yet powerful, heroes, hold the key.  They hold the key to all transformation on this Earth.  The future of humanity and life on Earth is slowly penetrating into our existence through the most persevering and sincere of all workers – the cells.

The Great Story

There is a story to be discovered in everything.  Each moment of life is intimately connected to everything in one way or another.  Even a grain of sand has its story to tell, a particle vision of the Earth’s history and existence, its march of life emerging from apparent nothingness.  Were we to gaze deeply into the intimate presence of a stone or a tree or a drop of water, the flight of a bird or the motions of a dancer, the smile of a child or the terrors of war, we would find vibrating within each of these a story which is its own and yet which connects with all other stories.  Each of us, each of our Souls, is echoing, breathing, awakening an epic story in itself, which is limited not to our present life but to the history of the Earth and the vastness of a Soul experience which transcends time and space, history and humanity.  We are many stories within One Story which is unfolding, becoming something that we are still uncertain about, and perhaps even afraid of because it is so unknown and mysterious.  We often feel alone in our stories, in our traveled lives, but we are more and more as a human collective growing closer together in our story, relating our stories and realizing that all is this One Story that dwells in each of us, which we define in many ways – many different and seemingly divergent ways – but which ultimately are united by something that breathes and lives through everything and everyone: the Great Storymaker who is not just Beyond but dwells in the heart of all things, who tells the story by living it fully in His/Her/Its own Infinite and Eternal Body, a supreme story of Matter and Spirit manifesting the Divine. 

            Even as I write these words here there is a story unfolding within me.  The very act of sharing these words, putting them into a more material existence, involves releasing the story within me, which is, in itself, also a part of the story, a part of the creative manifestation of the life within this Soul.  My story is very simple and very human, but it is also very divine and very difficult.  For ultimately while the story of my life is of course a personal story,  I cannot really call it my own story, for as I have said we are all united in our stories, in our lives, by every living moment that we experience.  Each moment echoes itself throughout existence and builds a growing harmony of an intimately woven tapestry of Souls, fusing towards an unknown future which is simply more of who we are, more of the Divine.  My story is an insignificantly small part of this unfolding Moment that we are living within.  Yet it is a thread of the Whole which may reveal some unique part of the Great Story, and this Great Storymaker within us all, which others may have not yet noticed.  Your story too is emerging from within this Great Story, and is a part of what will ultimately lift up humanity as we learn to see ourselves in each other, and the Divine Storyteller in All.  This world is indeed becoming more and more Our Story, where your story is now becoming a part of mine, and mine a part of yours.


            The one question which has dominated my life has been, “Who am I?”  It has been like a consuming fire in my heart, even in my body.  What are we?  What is this life?  What is the Truth?  Everyone seems to have at least a trace of this wondering within them, yet few seem to want it enough to let go of what their lives have become in order to truly find the answers.  For me, there has always seemed to be nothing else but this; this fire to know the Truth, to breathe it, to reach for it, to become it if possible.  If we closely observe a child’s nature, curiosity is at the very core of their experience.  Extreme curiosity.  Pure and uninhibited curiosity.  They desperately want to Experience, they sincerely, innocently, want to know who they truly are and are seeking it intimately through every breath and every step and every glance and every attempt of living what they make.  Their every act is a seeking to the questions of Who Am I? Who Are We? What Is Life?  If we look at ourselves closely also, this is what our own lives are about, though as humans grow this question recedes into the background, behind the veil of all the things that we have come to know (or think we know) and the hardened habits of our mental and physical lives.  We build habits out of our experiences and the knowledge which has come from those experiences.  On the one hand this is a necessary and positive thing for our growth as individuals, and yet on the other hand it is the very obstacle that must be overcome if we are to truly dive into the depths of our nature, take a step beyond our small constructed world and open ourselves to a Truth which is far more all-encompassing and vast then we could ever imagine.  We must unlearn what we have learned, as uttered by the iconic figure Yoda in the Star Wars films.  We must let go of who we think we are, what we think we know, what we have experienced, what we have.  Everything, everything, EVERYTHING must be released in all the parts of our being to allow something new to enter into our reality and shape us into the new figures of the future which lies beyond us, but also within us.  We must become once again like a child, like a newborn baby who looks upon the world, and even more importantly ourselves and our inner natures, with a certain element of Wonder and Curiosity.  This curiosity is in essence Energy, it is Attention, it is our concentrated awareness which directs our Being towards whatever it is we are curious about.  Where we place our attention is where our Consciousness goes; it is where the Life Energy that animates existence and our inner awareness becomes focused, becoming a creative force in our lives for shaping who we are and how we grow. 

            We must truly burn with this question, “Who Am I?”, to the point where it consumes everything within us, guiding us with its power to pierce through the layers of our ignorance and knowledge until something bursts forth from behind our veils.  It is in answering this question, or rather in exploring and becoming the Fire that lies at the heart of this question, which will awaken a Greater Story for humanity than it has ever yet to Be or to Live.

The Psychology of Matter, the Consciousness of Cells

As science now knows, all of Matter is essentially vibrations.  Vibrating energy.  We can also say that all of life, not simply Matter, is vibrations.  Our thoughts, our feelings, our sensations, our visions, our total human experience is a complex web of a vast Energy which is vibrating itself into different forms, even subtle forms which our minds can’t always grasp, which are not quite the “stable” forms of the physical world that we are so familiar and accustomed with.  Matter is simply a more dense vibration, manifesting the forms that it is informed to create from higher vibrations which descend into the reality and awaken new experiences and new realities.  When things change in our reality, it basically means that one vibration or collection of vibrations have replaced another vibration.  This may sound quite impersonal when reflecting upon how someone in life goes through a very profound change which transforms their very nature or character.  These words Energy and Vibrations don’t seem to convey the real living, breathing, personal aspect which is life.  But if we can get past the use of these simple words and reflect upon the fact that Energy contains Consciousness, that Energy IS Consciousness in its dynamic, living aspect which builds life itself and animates it, breathes through it, within it, then we can begin to see more clearly.  We are all this great dynamic, expansive Consciousness which is both personal and impersonal at the same time.  It builds Itself in the forces and material reality of Life, it breathes and moves and feels and becomes.  Matter itself is alive!  It is Conscious, for there would be no possibility for our own human consciousness to exist were it not involved in the depths of Matter as a potentiality, as something awaiting the right moment to manifest, or as something which is moving and shaping Matter from behind the scenes.  We are the result of a supreme Consciousness which is present in the heart of Matter, and which even now is still seeking to manifest its vast infinity of existence.  In order for us to truly begin to understand the true nature of Matter, we will have to undergo a profound transformation of our perceptions, of our way of perceiving everything, our reality.  We will have to awaken an entirely new psychological poise within us, a psychology of pure Matter, free of the mental and vital constraints which have limited our experience of our physical reality, including our bodily reality.  But what is this psychology of Matter?  Where is it?  How to awaken ourselves into it?  We must first be willing to leave behind the old ways, the old mental understandings and perceptions, our old ‘eyes’, in order to open ourselves up to the possibility of a new psychological awareness and experience.  A new Consciousness, essentially.  There is in the depths of Matter, in the secret cave of our own bodies, the key to this new perception and experience of Matter.  The cells, the tiny entities of our bodies animating our existence, breathe with a truth to another way of living.  Behind the veils which cover the cells’ true nature, there lies a new psychological experience, a psychological experience which is MATERIAL in its nature, and which will transform our total perception of our human and spiritual realities. 

The cellular world is full of vibrations.  It IS vibrations, vibrating Consciousness-Force.  Every cell is a vibrating CellPainting1mass of Consciousness in formation.  Indeed, the cells are Consciousness Information.  They are the play of Consciousness in its dynamic, living quality, expressing and manifesting the infinite and eternal arrangements of forces which are everywhere, in everything, and being infused into the physical reality from behind a hidden spiritual reality which is the animating power of all of life.  This spiritual reality too is Consciousness.  It is Consciousness much closer to the origin of things, the Supreme Consciousness which is the foundation of everything, for there is nothing which is not this Supreme Consciousness.  The cells are the intimate children of this Supreme Consciousness, images which are vibrating their own unique truth at the core of their nature.  Yet these cells are also very fragile in our reality.  They are surrendered servers to the Divine, and to us as well.  They are formations of something which is Divine in its essence, yet forced to manifest this Divinity in the midst of everything which is not yet Divine, which reflects the Divine’s opposite.  There is a great truth to this necessity of Opposition, an Opposition which ultimately is also Divine, as it plays a great role in the unfolding, the evolving, reality of Matter in its field of existence.  This field is one of battles which are at once battles of unconsciousness within the vaster Field of an Absolute Consciousness.  The oppositions force the progressive movement of life forward towards manifesting ever-more of life’s infinite nature.  It moves from the unconsciousness towards Consciousness by way of opposing forces pushing life more and more towards its ultimate Truth, into newer realities which are in essence vaster awakenings of Consciousness.  We live in this mixture of forces, this play of ignorance and consciousness, of life seeking its true nature in the midst of confusion and darkness and falsehood.  Our cells, because they are such sincere and absolute servers of life, will embody anything and everything that life brings to it.  As humans, we are like little vibrating magnets for all the forces of life, both ignorant/unconscious forces as well as those forces of Light and Truth and Consciousness.  We are drowning in all these vibrating forces, we are animated by these forces.  They play us as puppets since we are truly unaware of their movements and realities.  And because we are manifesting these forces, because we choose to allow ourselves to be controlled, more or less, by these forces, our cells too become their slaves.  Our cells are always listening.  They are ALWAYS listening.  To us.  To our thoughts about ourselves and life, to our feelings about ourselves and life, to our entire experiential perception of ourselves, others, the world, life.  The cells have the capacity to embody anything that we can imagine.  This is their power, their truth.  Yet because of the vast and complex play of forces around us and within us in life, they end up manifesting those vibrations, those qualities, those aspects of life which are most dominant.  For the cells are not simply individual, but collective.  We influence our own cells primarily, and yet the cells also vibrate their experience across the field of the cellular world, which is interconnected and intra-connected, which communicates everything in an instant.  Our power to influence the nature of our cells and our bodies is immense, especially as we begin to become more and more conscious of the vast fields of the material reality which we live and breathe within.  We are a concentrated mass of cells vibrating in our own unique way, but also interconnected with and influenced by everything else, by all the other vibrations of life.  Our cells take in all of this, everything we experience.  They take it all in and vibrate with it, manifest it or store it, or both.  The cells can hold on to vibrations with intensity – they can even imprison themselves within vibrations which are destructive.  They are contagious little beings, and can spread whatever vibration they are instructed to spread by the secret Will which is at the core of their existence, the hidden Guide which gives the breath of Life to them.  The cells ultimately follow the dictates of the Divine within them, for they are intimately, inherently, innately connected to the Divine Consciousness in their core.  Yet just as the Divine has given humanity its freedom to choose and manifest according to free will, the cells are in a way instructed to follow this human free will and choice to a large degree.  By being unconscious of our cellular reality and the vibrations of our own cells, we are essentially unconscious of the play of forces that we are throwing upon our cells, forcing upon our cells, and our cells in turn manifest our bodies and our whole physical world experience according to our ignorance, within a field of uncontrolled forces of destruction, separation, falsehoods, and even death. 

The call of the cells right now is for us to become conscious of their existence, of their consciousness.  Our cells have their own consciousness which perceives physical reality in an entirely different way than what our mental perception does.  They are awakening more and more to the truth of their own nature, even freeing themselves from the imprisoning milieu that we have kept them trapped in for millennia.  They want to be truly free!  Not simply for themselves but for us as well, and mostly for the Divine.  For they seek only to manifest the Divine Consciousness, they seek only to serve and to BECOME the Divine.  Their vibrating mass tells their story, their many stories, which are OUR stories, for we are integral, intimate players in their truth and their reality.  We only must become more aware of their world, their ways, their truths.  When we can become open to experiencing what vibrates in the depths of our own cells, and see what they are at their roots; when we become conscious of the living vibrations of Force which is what our bodies and cells are, and become capable of surrendering these vibrations so that they may be transformed, replaced by  . . .  Something Else, then we will find ourselves in a vaster freedom of life and creation.  A creative life which allows a True Matter, a Pure Cellular Reality, to manifest what humans can not yet even imagine or comprehend (because comprehension is still of the dividing Mind) – a Divine Life in a Supreme Embodying Substance.

The Awakening


The Earth is awakening.  Humanity is awakening. We are not awakening simply to a new mental experience and knowledge of life, nor are we simply awakening to a new spiritual paradigm and existence.  We are awakening even in the very material substance of our bodies.  Matter itself is awakening.  It is awakening from a billion-years trance in which it has been imprisoned.  It is awakening from a mental stranglehold which has held it captive in its web-like snare, limited it from being what Matter purely is when it is free of Mind.  Matter is not dead.  It never was.  It only appears to be to our limited perceptiveness of life.  Our minds could not grasp the experience of the smallest particles of life for much of our human history, and so our experience has been dominated by the superficial, the surface appearances and movements which are absorbing and consuming, confusing and addicting.  With our minds we have sought to understand matter and its ways, its life and energies.  But it is not with our minds that we can see the depths of Matter’s truths, nor the truth of the human spirit.  We have not truly peered within ourselves with our inner sense, in the complete silence of the mind and emotions and sensations, and, because of this fact, we – including all the religions, spiritualities, and yogas of the history of the world – have not been able to discover that Matter contains its own greater truth which is inherently connected to the truth of all of life. 

Most of the religious and spiritual philosophies have put forth visions or messages about the realization of a “heaven on Earth,” but most have strangely adopted beliefs which suggest that heaven is beyond Earth and that the goal of spiritual progress is to ultimately renounce the world and life and be free of it all, to escape to some paradise beyond.  This is why all have ultimately failed in their attempts to change the world, for they cannot change a world that they see as sinful and ignorant, as illusion and false, when they also believe in escapism.  Escapism shall change nothing.  Matter is not evil, though it is dominated now by our mental ignorance, our human consciousness of falsehood.  Yet this is not our truth, nor the ultimate truth of Matter itself.  This is the great Mask which is hiding the real Face of Truth.  The true Face of Matter.  Matter as we experience it is not true Matter, but Matter enslaved by humanity’s limited consciousness, a consciousness of Mind, and of uncontrolled vital force.  We experience Matter according to our inner state of being, a state of being which dominates even the substance of our own bodies.  It is too simplistic to say that it is our everyday thinking mind which dictates our body’s experience, though thought and the “ordinary mind” does have its influence.  It is, rather, our entire Consciousness which is made up of various aspects and qualities and functions and planes of being which creates the experience of our everyday lives.  We are composed of mental energies, as well as vital energies and forces (Life-Force), and then of course our physical natures, the substance of our bodies which are the foundation of our experience.  The vital and mental planes of our being also within themselves have various aspects special to their nature, and all are bound up and interconnected within the physical embodiment (both individually and collectively).  Ultimately all of these aspects of our being – mental, vital, physical – are integrated within one united whole of a greater Spiritual existence, a Spirit-Substance which is, in truth, the Divine Itself in its phenomenal manifestation.  All of life, including Matter, is the supreme manifestation of a living Divine Consciousness, a Supreme Being, God in the most all-encompassing sense. 

Our world today is undergoing a shift in its perception of life and its perception of matter.  This shift will be seen as an immense leap into the future of the human experience.  We are slowly beginning to realize that this extreme distinction between spirit and matter, between God and Life, which we have held in most of our belief systems throughout human history is not true.  We are awakening to both the understanding that Matter is simply the manifestation of Spirit-Energy, that Matter is the living, breathing, evolving substance of God, of the Divine Consciousness which animates all of life.  There is no opposition!  Matter is form of Spirit, the living embodiment of this thing we call God.  Of course, by this we do not mean that this present manifestation of matter in our current reality and our experience of it is the absolute and total and perfect embodiment of the Divine.  What this means is that all of Matter reflects some aspect of this Divine Consciousness.  Currently matter is immersed in a consciousness of falsehood which we could very easily call unconsciousness or Ignorance as known by many in the Eastern spiritual traditions.  Yet while matter is controlled and transfixed in this unconsciousness there is in the heart of Matter an involved and potential Divine Consciousness which is behind all of it, urging the creation towards its Truth, its essential Source which is this Divine Consciousness.  This hidden Divinity in the Rock, in Matter, slowly works and evolves out of Its own Spirit Substance more of Itself, more and more of Its Divine Existence and Nature, building and expanding and growing the creation until it becomes prepared and capable of manifesting the true Fullness of the Divine Consciousness and its infinite and eternal splendors which lie beyond our present experience of life.  Again, I will repeat that it is IN MATTER where one can find the Divine Presence and Truth, and that Matter can help us to realize this.  This is where we can discover that the cells, the most humble and sincere and all-serving Cells of Life, are the supreme emissaries of God, of the Divine Consciousness.

The cells are not simply part of evolution, the cells ARE evolution.  It is absolutely true that we evolve spiritually, mentally, vitally, and psychically, but it is in our bodies, IN MATTER, where all of this evolution truly effects and transforms life, infusing new material realities into our existence.  Whatever spiritual evolution or growth occurs within ourselves, it is only when it is brought down to the level of Matter, through all the layers and levels of our being and consciousness, and into the cellular consciousness of our bodies, that evolution can materialize the Divine Truth in the physical plane of existence.  As long as we stay in our mental or vital “heavens,” the physical, material plane of life on Earth stays the same and undergoes no real transformation.  It is in the cells where the battle of the past, the present, and the Future is taking place.