The OM Choir – The New Music

All of Life is a vast Music.  There is sound everywhere, even within the Silence, and this sound is infinitely creative.  It is essentially the vibration of all Existence, of all things in the world and all planes of being –the vibration of thought and mind, of emotion and life-force, of the body, the physical Earth, and all Matter, of the worlds of Spirit and beyond, of the depths of our nature and all of Nature.  Existence is a vast Energy-Consciousness which is vibrating in all its myriad forms, and even in its formlessness, and it is this vibrating Energy which animates Sound, which also manifests in its own diverse forms, a subtle diverse array of living, breathing tones and hues of Life’s Song.  Yet behind this diversity, behind the cacophony of the many sounds of nature, life, and the Universe, there lies the one Sound which contains and arranges all sounds, the Divine Symphony in which all life’s melodies flow together and build towards a more harmonious Song.  It is the sound of OM (also referred to as AUM). 

OM resonates throughout everything in the Universe, carrying each moment, penetrating each action, awakening new inspirations in the unfolding Play of Consciousness which animates all things.

Its Force of being dances in the movements of planets and stars, of atoms and cells, in the laughter and cry of adult and child, in the flaws of deformity and the beauty of a flower,  in the anger of ignorance and the love of Truth, in the clang of machines and the whisper of the wind, in the feel of stone and the touch of a hand, in the darkness of ages and the dawning of Light, in the aspirations of the Earth and the birth of Eternity.   It is the breath of each second becoming new. 

Though it is true that this Divine Sound, and the Divine Presence, is ultimately behind All in Life, we are, nonetheless, responsible for recognizing what we must grow beyond and transcend, we must empower ourselves and the Earth to actually materialize and Become this Divine Being, free of its darker beginnings, awakened to Itself in Reality.  The darkness and falsehoods of the world must be transformed, and this sacred sound of OM can be a powerful tool in this Work that is destined to be Victorious.

It is within this vast sound of OM that a New Music shall manifest in Life, upon Earth.  A small number of aspiring individuals have begun to call out to this New Music by chanting OM collectively in a place called Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and other locations around the world.  This gathering was set forth by the Divine Mother many years ago who gave the work of bringing down this New Music to one of Her many Children, Narad Eggenberger.  Only one thing was said:  to sit in a circle and chant OM together, in aspiration for this New Music to descend.  And so we join together and offer our individual and collective OM symphony to the Divine, with whatever voice we have been given to use, with whatever note we have in the moment to express.  As Narad has said countless times for the OM Choir, “There are no wrong notes.” 

The experience of this collective chant of OM is filled with such a power and beauty it awakens as if a new resonance, a new vibration in the communal space, in the air, in the consciousness, and down into the body, the very cells of the substance of our being.  And this reverberates throughout time and space, like waves of Light touching and penetrating, uplifting the whole of the Earth and the Universe, transforming it by its own simple, gentle, yet powerful Grace.  A Divine Vibration awakening the one vast Self in All, through All.  A collective Soul Sound arising from the depths of a collective Aspiration.

In a state of complete Surrender to the Divine shall the New Music descend and manifest – surrender in mind, in heart, in body, in voice, in Spirit, in one’s entire Consciousness and total sensorial experience.  Even the cells of the body shall in time join in this New Music, expressing from the depths of their own unique existence and consciousness a more pure, more Divine Song in and through their Divine Material Substance. 

This OM which has begun its new collective expression now calls out to all others of sincerity, of goodwill and aspiration, to join this Universal OM Choir which is being born, and be one more voice, one more aspiring cry, to manifest this New Music upon the Earth for its integral and inevitable Transformation.

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