The Healing Power of Flowers

Nature has always been the traveling partner of spiritual seekers along their

Name:  Spiritual Power of Healing

Name: Spiritual Power of Healing

journey towards enlightenment.  Throughout religious history, even the great Spiritual Masters found their Way with the help of Nature.  The Buddha is known to have attained enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi Tree, while Jesus also went into the desert for forty days and forty nights where he found his own spiritual victory.  Today’s spiritual seekers are no less drawn towards Nature as a place to find inner peace and silence, as a retreat and refuge away from the constant activity and chaos of modern life.  One finds that the energy and Spirit of nature draws one deeper within oneself, or beyond oneself, and inspires one to be more receptive to the contemplation of Existence and the meaning of Life.  It allows us an opportunity to connect more intimately with our inner Self and with the Divine, with God.  There is an undeniable Divine Presence in Nature, which holds the power to awaken us not only to the beauty around us in the world and life, but also in ourselves.  This truth becomes even more evident and palpable when we gaze into the spiritual power and significance of flowers.

As someone who has worked closely with flowers in spiritually inspired gardens that vibrate with a mystical Force, I have experienced first-hand the power that flowers have to influence and change one’s inner nature.  Flowers are, in their very essence, concentrated Consciousness, as everything in life is.  All of life lives and breathes by this Divine Consciousness which animates everything.  It breathes just as much in nature and in the rock as in us humans, only in different ways.  And it breathes in flowers as well.  When we are able to understand the innate and inborn Connection between what we call God, the Divine, Spirit, and the very material, physical life of Nature that we have manifested from, then we can begin to see the unity between ourselves and Nature also.  We can begin to find a connection to the Divine in all of life, and especially in Nature and flowers.

Name:  Divine Smile

Name: Divine Smile

There lies within flowers a deep power for healing and transformation.  Their power is not merely a symbolic representation of a quality of life, not merely a tool to express what we feel inside us, but rather is an actual force of material Consciousness which is held within the vibration of their physical existence.  They vibrate an Essence which is pure and true to their existence, their own unique self-truth, which is inherently connected to a vaster Spiritual and Divine Truth, their Source and Being – which is our Source and Being as well.  The healing power of flowers lies not only in their scent or their oils or external beauty, all of which have been used for ages in aromatic and other healing therapies, but also in their very material vibration and spiritual consciousness. When we meditate and concentrate upon their nature, flowers can evoke within us the qualities of consciousness which they hold within them, and which lie deep within us as well, hidden from our own awareness by all the veils of false perceptions, ignorance, doubts, confusions, and all the other inner obstacles we confront within ourselves as we seek to know better who we truly are, where we come from, and where we are going.  When we allow ourselves the opportunity to truly BE with a flower, to meditate and concentrate with it, we can open ourselves to experiencing the truth which that flower is bringing into the Earth consciousness, including ourselves.  Our intention to open to the truth of the flower is like a bridge being built between ourselves, our consciousness, and the essence of the flower, the consciousness of the flower.  Our own Energy reaches out to the Energy of the flower, and receives what it has to offer us through the innate Unity that exists between us and Nature, and the Divine that dwells within All.

During the last century, a wise and enlightened being by the name of Mirra Alfassa,

Name:  Beauty of Attachment to the Divine

Name: Beauty of Attachment to the Divine

a French woman of Egyptian andTurkish descent, known lovingly as the Mother in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India, identified the spiritual names of over 900 flowers during her life before she left her body in 1973.  She also envisioned and began the building of an international township called Auroville, which currently includes a central park area with many gardens whose sole purpose is to inspire and awaken the healing, transformation, and evolution of human Consciousness towards a more Divine Life.  As a gardener who worked in these gardens of Auroville, I have experienced directly the divine Grace that works through the diverse life of flowers.  I was previously in my life never interested in flowers, but as I worked more closely with the Earth and the beautiful flora and fauna around me, I realized what a blessing it is to know and experience the significance of these flowers, and to understand their power to aid our personal healing and spiritual transformation.  I recently visited one of my favorite trees, the Champaca, which has an extremely aromatic flower.  The spiritual significance of this particular type of Champaca flower is Divine Smile.  And, indeed, when one takes in the strong aroma of this delicate flower one can sense and feel the energy change within oneself and evoke a definite smile into one’s being, even into the body’s cells.  One may not think that a smile might be healing, but they truly are, and the power of a Divine Smile, a profoundly powerful smile which radiates throughout all of existence, behind everything and everyone in every moment, is a powerful truth which can be experienced in our own conscious depths.  It is transformational to realize this within oneself, and a flower holds a great opportunity for us to grow in the experience of this. 

There are so many flowers which can help one to connect with a greater sense of oneself and healing.  They are powerful tools to explore and experiment with, to discover more about one’s own inner nature and even unlock secret qualities of life that one might not have experienced about oneself before.  For those who wish for more direct healing power, perhaps the Petrea shrub, also known as Spiritual Power of Healing, might be of interest.  Or, if one has some sweet basil in one’ garden, then one could take the moment to connect with this flower’s Joy of Union With the Divine.  As we seek healing, however, we must remember that the healing power of flowers is not only limited to healing our bodies of illness or disease, but also healing on all the planes of our being – mental, emotional/vital, physical, cellular, spiritual and beyond.  It is our openness and willingness to experiment and explore the nature of flowers which will ultimately give us our own living experience of their power of healing, and even more importantly, of our own healing powers.

For more information on the Spiritual Significance of Flowers, please see the website

Name:  Victorious Love

Name: Victorious Love

The Yoga of Poetry, The Mantra of Poetry

The power that poetry holds to create and transform our lives is more than bigstockphoto_Yoga_2008033humanity understands.  We are more powerful than we imagine, and what we express holds the power to shape the life within and around us.

When we write, when we speak, when we express anything in life, there lies hidden behind our expression a deeper Spirit, a vibrating Force of Creation which has a reality far beyond simply the momentary appearance of expression.  The expression vibrates not only within us, creating us, but also throughout the world, mingling with the life and human presence everywhere, calling forth more of the vibrating and living Expression that we put forth.  When we do this with an ever higher and deeper Consciousness, the power behind our expression intensifies and begins to live more strongly and create at greater levels.

Poetry in its truest manifestation is indeed a Yoga of words, but also a Yoga of the inner psychological nature seeking its own Truth.  It is a way of engaging and connecting more consciously with one’s inner Self and Soul, with the Creative Being that lies at the Heart of oneself and all of Life.  In other words, poetry can be used…it can be a Yogic practice of self-transformation through the effort of engaging oneself, one’s psychology on all levels of one’s nature.  For some, poetry can be a release of emotion, for others it can be an exploration and harmonizing of idea and intellectual understandings, and for still others it can simply paint subtle flowing pictures of the imagery of life around us.  When we begin to make it more and more personal, and open ourselves to the greater truths within us, when we begin to find that in the Silence of our thinking minds and emotional movements there lies a still more profound Poetry of the Soul and Spirit, of the Divine Source, which can illuminate us in ways that can change the way we experience and live life, then the real Yoga of Poetry begins to awaken.

The ancient spiritual texts of the Veda or the T’ao te Ching, and others throughout history, were the mystic poetry of their particular age, expressing the inner-most spiritual experiences and Realizations of the sage-writers.  Their words became Mantra, charged with the Spiritual Force of their direct inner Realizations, like a dynamic Bridge with the potential to connect the one who feels the inner Essence of the words expressed with the experience of the Spirit behind the words.  The word-poems became infused with a palpable Spiritual Presence, not only by the experience of the sage-poet but also with the recitation of the Mantric Poems over thousands of years by Yogis and Gurus and devotees.  Their power grew with every consciously felt chant and repetition, increasing the capacity to change the nature of those who repeat the words faithfully – like a super-charged Prayer full of the Energy of the Divine that aims to make us BECOME and embody that Divine Energy and Spirit. 

We too hold this power of Creation within us.  While some may use the ancient Mantras to help transform their lives, we also hold within us our own personal Mantras, our own unique Soul Poetry which can help us to grow as we engage more deeply our inner Truth.  Our poetry can be simple or complex, of many words or few.  It can work in our mind, our emotional being, our Soul, or even our physical bodies and cells.  What matters most is the Consciousness with which we write, the inner state of Being in which we dwell when we are writing, and the Spirit that vibrates within us while we create and express what flows through us.   When we find those lines or words of poetry that we feel connected to, which seem to vibrate especially strongly for us and flow with a Higher Truth, then we can even use these lines as a creative Mantra in our daily living, whether temporarily or throughout our life.  When we inwardly repeat within ourselves the Mantric poetry that we have been inspired with, or which other poets have been inspired with, we call forth and create the Spiritual Essence that lies behind the words, connecting us with that Spirit and calling it forth into Existence.  The Mantric Poem becomes a powerful Creative Force that can manifest what lies Beyond and can help transform ourselves and the world according to the Spirit that we call forth with our Mantric Poem.  It is this kind of poetry, this power of a Spiritual Poetry, a Yoga of Poetry, which is the future of poetry itself.  This potential lies within everyone, at whatever level of evolution we may be.  So invite yourself to begin the Sacred Journey of discovering your own Inner Poetry.

Love and Human Unity

There are many qualities and powers of life that will need to be involved in the building of Human Unity upon Earth.  Yet, ultimately the presence of  a true Human Unity will emerge through one key Divine Power that lies at the Essence of humanity and life:


Human Unity will exist only through humanity’s capacity to Love each other totally and completely, without placing conditions upon our ability to love in any situation or with any human being, without asking “why” or wondering “how,” without needing any justifications.

A One Love which loves every human as a part of oneself, as a part of one same Mind, Life-Force, Spirit, Body, Soul, and Divine Existence.

A Perfect and Harmonious Love which offers ItSelf in a pure, unique manner and way that is right for each individual situation, each relationship, each person, which inspires in each Being the perfect action and movement to make in the exact right moment.

A Free Love which loves humanity whether one receives love in return or not, which offers love and infuses love into all Life around it.

An Expressive Love which gives ItSelf to all humanity as its own manifestation of Beauty.

An Infinite Love which loves all humanity’s diversity and gives humans the capacity to Identify ourselves with every human and all that exists as an intimate part of ourselves, our Soul-Being which contains All.

A Courageous Love which loves also the darkest side of human nature, the ignorant and the false and the painful, even as we seek to transform it.

A True Love which reveals the intimate union of our minds as the One Mind; a Love which reveals the intimate union of our life-force as the One Vital; a Love which reveals the intimate union of our material bodies, our infinite Cells, as the One Body; a Love which reveals the intimate union of our individual souls as the One Soul existent in All.

A Powerful Love which surrenders our entire personal and collective Existence – our identities, our personalities, our desires and preferences and wishes, our thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and actions, our very breath and vision, our total perception and experience of Reality; surrendering ourselves to That which is beyond humanity, to that Great Something Else which inspires the very Evolution and Unfolding of every moment, every atom and cell and Soul, every movement of Life.

An Intimate Love which binds atoms together to create form, a Love which binds cells together to create Life,  a Love that vibrates our existence in unison as the One Same Force of Consciousness, Force of Life, Force of Substance, Force of Love Itself – the Divine in ItSelf Embodied as Humanity and all of Existence.

A Nurturing Love which embraces the Universe as a Whole while caressing every particle and each human as a vibration and manifestation of Its own Divine Substance of Love.

A Consuming Love which dissolves and transforms all perception or experience of division and separation, which awakens the intimate Oneness that dwells within and between every cell, every mind, every heart, every body and Soul.

A Vast Love which sees all as Love, which feels all as Love, which knows all as Love.  A Love which is capable of loving each human as That Love Supreme, for We Are That Love.  There is nothing but That Love.

A Love which simply Is All Humanity at its core,

and which, through humanity and Life, expresses Love

as the Beauty of  an Infinitely and Eternally Unfolding Divine Unity.