Writing/Editing Services

Since I was young I have been told I have a gift with writing.  I know how to express snoopywritingthings in just the right way according to the particular details of the writing project and the audience that is being addressed. I have a keen sense for the use of words in all their complexity, where grammar, punctuation, style, and flow become seen as a whole, all working together to communicate in creative detail the information and knowledge that is being expressed for a hungry audience of readers.  What makes my writing special, however, is the heart and soul that I pour into every word and sentence, and the creative inspiration that flows through me as I write or edit.  Though I have a broad array of skills and experiences, writing is what I do best in life.  I would be happy to offer my talent and unique voice to your writing, editing, or proofreading needs if you would provide me with the opportunity.

I invite any offers for the following types of writing and editing projects:

♦ All types of fiction, including children’s stories, short stories, and poetry
♦ Non-fiction
♦ Article writing
♦ Speech writing
♦ Website content
♦ Biographical and other informational content
♦ Blog writing
♦ Resume writing
♦ Grant writing
♦ General creative writing
♦ Ghostwriting
♦ Letter writing
♦ Newsletters
♦ Online writing
♦ Proposal writing
♦ Report writing
♦ Or any other writing and editing projects you may like to explore with me.

I have been writing all my life, and as a graduate from one of the top liberal arts schools in the U.S., the University of Notre Dame, I was trained early to write exceptionally through constant editing and rewriting of numerous essays and thesis papers.  I  have continued to use my writing and editing skills in all my professional positions, including at Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta, an organization which trains volunteers to teach reading and writing.  I have written and edited a variety of public relations materials, newsletter articles, grant proposals, letters, reports, and media announcements in all my various job positions since 1998. 

I have had poetry published in an anthology and I have two children’s stories which will be published later this year.   I have recently started this online blog where I post some of my writings, which tend to be focused in the areas of yoga, meditation, and spiritual thought.  However I am not limited by these subjects and have experience in various areas of life, including:  landscaping, gardening, health, intentional community living, environmental issues, government and international relations, arts and film, relationships, public relations, nonprofit administration and program development, volunteering, community organizing, sports, and many other topics that are of interest to diverse groups of people around the world. 

I am a natural and intuitive writer and editor, and would like to offer this talent to you to help in sharing, informing, and inspiring people with the knowledge and wisdom I have to offer.  If you give me the opportunity to be one of your quality writers or editors, I will provide you with interesting, insightful (and even sometimes illuminating!) pieces of writing, to help in this endeavor.

Please contact me, Noel, through my contact sheet if you have a writing, editing, or proofreading job to offer, or to discuss any opportunities.  Thank you very much for your kind attention and best wishes in your work and Life!



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