Why the Body-Cells’ Participation Is Indispensable Too

This post makes my cells smile with delight! As some of my own posts have been trying to indicate, matter is awakening to its own truth, and the cells are the little hero-warriors that need to discover this new World and Reality that is awaiting all of us. Thank you Bhaga, from my cells to yours, and All.

Lab of Evolution

To have grasped and then also experienced directly the validity and
efficiency of the approach to Healing elaborated in Russia by
Grigori Grabovoi and his two main collaborators, and to have
celebrated that approach in my previous post, doesn’t mean that
everything that needs to be done for our body can be done that way.
There is a reason, and a very important one – an essential one even
– why Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, instead of doing it that way
too, went rather through the trouble of slowly awakening the
consciousness of their body-cells: if that is not done, nothing is
done from the point of view of physical evolution as such.

It is absolutely necessary for our cells themselves to learn the new
way of functioning, based on the New Energy, that the cells of
Mother’s body had the extremely hard task to discover on their own

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