A Personal Letter to the U.S. and All the People of the World


Although I was born and raised in the United States, thirteen years ago I moved to an international township in south India where people from over 50 countries live together with the aspiration to work towards Human Unity and Peace. From afar I have observed the increasing state of Division spreading not only in the U.S. but in the world.  The pain we feel now is our Collective Soul’s innate cry for this Unity and Peace that we are missing.  For many decades the world has been growing – ever slowly – closer together in all aspects of our lives – colonized countries being finally liberated, people sharing more of their diverse cultures and identities, a growing acceptance and love for the beauty of everyone, movements of empowerment for groups of people being oppressed, a new recognition of our connection to the Earth, to nature and to each other, a growing sense of our inherent Oneness in Body, Soul and Spirit, through science and spirituality. This hidden Unity has been revealing itself to us through all our ‘growing pains’ despite the continuation of old divisions, fears and violence lingering in our reality.  It is these old divisions and fears which have now currently risen up intensely in so many forms seeking to stop this growing Unity, a Unity which is inevitable upon the Earth, and it is these divisions and fears that we must seek to understand more deeply in ourselves and to heal in each other.  In my community in India, many of us have seen clearly that a real Unity can only be created with Diversity.  As someone who has lived and worked with people from all around the world, with differing ideals, beliefs and perspectives about life, I have observed that there is one disease which is the source of many conflicts and much suffering throughout the history of the world – the desire of groups of people to force their way of life upon other people. 

Whether it be a religious, scientific, economic, social, cultural, governmental or other principle, people seem to have a deep desire to force their ideals and ways of living, their beliefs, upon others.  We have gone to war on all levels of society and civilization – even within our own families and relationships – in order to control other people and dictate how they should or should not live.  This is the real source of our inability to live together in true Harmony, Peace and Unity.

When we force people to live by our own ideals or beliefs, we inherently create the inevitability of conflict.  We create an environment where people feel threatened and will always seek out a way to defend themselves in whatever way they can.  Anyone who denies the freedom of any other individual or group to choose how to live their life by restricting their rights or their inherent dignity as humans is essentially an oppressor, a dictator.  This act of denial makes them unworthy of those very rights they deny to others, and inevitably forces people to seek justice by any means necessary.  In this we create a cycle of division, conflict and fear, which remains as long as we continue to attack each other instead of trying to understand more deeply who we all are and the greater Truth that underlies all our apparent differences. As long as the Soul and Spirit of any individual or group of people is not allowed to live and express itself freely according to its own divinely inspired choices and ways of being, humanity will be in constant conflict with itself.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  This is not humanity’s Truth.  We are all much greater than this.  For within every human lies the potential to grow and to change, to open to new Visions of understanding and caring for every person, and all life, upon this Earth. 

All religious and spiritual paths have revealed that what we call God lives and breathes in Everything, in every person and place, in every atom and cell, in every situation and experience, and that this God itself is a vast Unity, a dynamic Oneness which lives through a dynamic Diversity of Life that animates all of us.  If we could recognize this immense truth of our hidden nature, we would then be capable of relating to all people, to all nations and races, to all ways of living, to all new ideas and beliefs, not as ‘others’ that are separate or different than ourselves, but as parts of God appearing before us, as parts of our own greater Self that has the ability to reveal to us something new about who we really are as humans and as Souls.  In this realization, we no longer could force others to live by what we may choose for ourselves, nor could we do any violence upon another – for we realize that what we do to others we truly do to ourselves, to our children, to all people, and to God, to All.  When we see that we are all One then we are able to create Peace and Unity.  For we hold within us the Soul of a Divine Consciousness which connects us to Everything and Everyone, where we can recognize that there is nothing to fear, that there is enough for everyone on this planet, and that we only spread hate and fear and division because of the wounds and pains of our past which we have not healed, because we have not discovered the true source of Power within us which does not depend upon controlling others or seeking to keep them from their own power, because we have not yet experienced or seen the vast Truth of Life which connects us all to each other and to God, and that we are all One Body, One Being, and One Soul that lives in a Diversity of forms through the Grace of a Divine God, a great Something Else, which is far vaster than what we or any religion or philosophy or scientific ‘discovery’ can define or imagine.  We are, each of us, every Soul upon Earth, much much MORE than we have ever imagined, and we have the power deep within our own selves to create a world that reflects the Beauty, the Love, the Light, the Peace, the Wonder of all our most glorious Dreams.

However, in order to create a more beautiful world for all of us, we must ALL be willing to stop ourselves, to look at who we have become as individuals, as families, as nations, as groups of people, to see deeply into our flaws and weaknesses, our mistakes and failures, to be truly honest with ourselves and to let go of our fears of being truly seen by others, to start seeing clearly what no longer helps us create real Unity and Peace and to begin to heal and transform all that we know will never lead us to a more peaceful, just, and harmonious world.  As long as we use anger and hatred against each other, we only create more of the division that we are plagued with in the world, and any Change that we hope for will never manifest.  Yet every Soul has in the core of their being a Light that can awaken with all the Compassion, Peace, Forgiveness, Truth, and Love to change the nature of our circumstances.  Each of us holds a Flame of Power within us to create our world anew.  If we can choose to use that Flame to ignite our powers of Creation instead of destruction, of Healing instead of harming, of Uniting instead of dividing, of allowing Freedom instead of seeking to control, then we shall be on the path towards a more peaceful future of Unity in Diversity, and the pain and wounds and suffering of the past and the present shall diminish and dissolve into a new and unexpected world of Compassion, Love and Beauty for All.

The Awakening


The Earth is awakening.  Humanity is awakening. We are not awakening simply to a new mental experience and knowledge of life, nor are we simply awakening to a new spiritual paradigm and existence.  We are awakening even in the very material substance of our bodies.  Matter itself is awakening.  It is awakening from a billion-years trance in which it has been imprisoned.  It is awakening from a mental stranglehold which has held it captive in its web-like snare, limited it from being what Matter purely is when it is free of Mind.  Matter is not dead.  It never was.  It only appears to be to our limited perceptiveness of life.  Our minds could not grasp the experience of the smallest particles of life for much of our human history, and so our experience has been dominated by the superficial, the surface appearances and movements which are absorbing and consuming, confusing and addicting.  With our minds we have sought to understand matter and its ways, its life and energies.  But it is not with our minds that we can see the depths of Matter’s truths, nor the truth of the human spirit.  We have not truly peered within ourselves with our inner sense, in the complete silence of the mind and emotions and sensations, and, because of this fact, we – including all the religions, spiritualities, and yogas of the history of the world – have not been able to discover that Matter contains its own greater truth which is inherently connected to the truth of all of life. 

Most of the religious and spiritual philosophies have put forth visions or messages about the realization of a “heaven on Earth,” but most have strangely adopted beliefs which suggest that heaven is beyond Earth and that the goal of spiritual progress is to ultimately renounce the world and life and be free of it all, to escape to some paradise beyond.  This is why all have ultimately failed in their attempts to change the world, for they cannot change a world that they see as sinful and ignorant, as illusion and false, when they also believe in escapism.  Escapism shall change nothing.  Matter is not evil, though it is dominated now by our mental ignorance, our human consciousness of falsehood.  Yet this is not our truth, nor the ultimate truth of Matter itself.  This is the great Mask which is hiding the real Face of Truth.  The true Face of Matter.  Matter as we experience it is not true Matter, but Matter enslaved by humanity’s limited consciousness, a consciousness of Mind, and of uncontrolled vital force.  We experience Matter according to our inner state of being, a state of being which dominates even the substance of our own bodies.  It is too simplistic to say that it is our everyday thinking mind which dictates our body’s experience, though thought and the “ordinary mind” does have its influence.  It is, rather, our entire Consciousness which is made up of various aspects and qualities and functions and planes of being which creates the experience of our everyday lives.  We are composed of mental energies, as well as vital energies and forces (Life-Force), and then of course our physical natures, the substance of our bodies which are the foundation of our experience.  The vital and mental planes of our being also within themselves have various aspects special to their nature, and all are bound up and interconnected within the physical embodiment (both individually and collectively).  Ultimately all of these aspects of our being – mental, vital, physical – are integrated within one united whole of a greater Spiritual existence, a Spirit-Substance which is, in truth, the Divine Itself in its phenomenal manifestation.  All of life, including Matter, is the supreme manifestation of a living Divine Consciousness, a Supreme Being, God in the most all-encompassing sense. 

Our world today is undergoing a shift in its perception of life and its perception of matter.  This shift will be seen as an immense leap into the future of the human experience.  We are slowly beginning to realize that this extreme distinction between spirit and matter, between God and Life, which we have held in most of our belief systems throughout human history is not true.  We are awakening to both the understanding that Matter is simply the manifestation of Spirit-Energy, that Matter is the living, breathing, evolving substance of God, of the Divine Consciousness which animates all of life.  There is no opposition!  Matter is form of Spirit, the living embodiment of this thing we call God.  Of course, by this we do not mean that this present manifestation of matter in our current reality and our experience of it is the absolute and total and perfect embodiment of the Divine.  What this means is that all of Matter reflects some aspect of this Divine Consciousness.  Currently matter is immersed in a consciousness of falsehood which we could very easily call unconsciousness or Ignorance as known by many in the Eastern spiritual traditions.  Yet while matter is controlled and transfixed in this unconsciousness there is in the heart of Matter an involved and potential Divine Consciousness which is behind all of it, urging the creation towards its Truth, its essential Source which is this Divine Consciousness.  This hidden Divinity in the Rock, in Matter, slowly works and evolves out of Its own Spirit Substance more of Itself, more and more of Its Divine Existence and Nature, building and expanding and growing the creation until it becomes prepared and capable of manifesting the true Fullness of the Divine Consciousness and its infinite and eternal splendors which lie beyond our present experience of life.  Again, I will repeat that it is IN MATTER where one can find the Divine Presence and Truth, and that Matter can help us to realize this.  This is where we can discover that the cells, the most humble and sincere and all-serving Cells of Life, are the supreme emissaries of God, of the Divine Consciousness.

The cells are not simply part of evolution, the cells ARE evolution.  It is absolutely true that we evolve spiritually, mentally, vitally, and psychically, but it is in our bodies, IN MATTER, where all of this evolution truly effects and transforms life, infusing new material realities into our existence.  Whatever spiritual evolution or growth occurs within ourselves, it is only when it is brought down to the level of Matter, through all the layers and levels of our being and consciousness, and into the cellular consciousness of our bodies, that evolution can materialize the Divine Truth in the physical plane of existence.  As long as we stay in our mental or vital “heavens,” the physical, material plane of life on Earth stays the same and undergoes no real transformation.  It is in the cells where the battle of the past, the present, and the Future is taking place. 

New Inspiring Children’s Audio Stories in English, Chinese and Russian! — StoryYoga for Children

We are happy to share that we have more new children’s stories are now available in audio for listening on our website, filled with the delightful Spirit and Inspiring Light that our stories seek to share!

New Inspiring Children’s Audio Stories in English, Chinese and Russian! — StoryYoga for Children

Japanese Garden of Peace


For the past 3 years, we have been building a Japanese Garden of Peace in Auroville, India with the support of volunteers and donations from others.  Slowly the garden is growing and its hidden Beauty is coming Alive.  As you will see in the video and the pictures below, many features have manifested, including a stone bridge with adjacent pond, pathways made of used roof tiles, plantation of bamboo, trees, shrubs and grasses, and small boulders placed.

Now we are in need of your help to continue the work!

Why a Japanese Garden?

Our Japanese Garden and Pavilion of Silence, designed by Japanese Aurovilian artist and landscaper Jyoti, has been intended to be both a space for silent contemplation in the ancient tradition of Japanese gardens while also being an additional educational element for the Botanical Gardens as a whole – where children, school groups, and people from around the world come to experience and learn about nature and plants while experiencing different landscaping traditions from around the world. It is meant to bring the Japanese quality of Beauty into our Botanical Garden space, while also being a place where people will be able to feel inspired by the harmony of nature and Spirit that Japanese gardens are famous for.

Our garden is also meant to be an educational space for Japanese cultural activities, where traditional tea ceremonies and other Asian events can be offered and experienced. We wish for this space to reflect the truth that Beauty can be used to inspire greater Consciousness and Peace in the world.

Watch Our Video and Donate to Our GoFundMe Campaign!

Auroville and the Auroville Botanical Gardens are a volunteer-based intentional community striving to build Peace and Human Unity for the Earth, so we need YOUR support to build this garden.  Watch our video above or visit our GoFundMe Fundraising Campaign page where you can donate or share with your community.  Here are other ways you can help:

  • SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD! – Whether or not you can donate money for this project, the success of this campaign will depend on if YOU will share about it with your friends on social media and by email so that it can reach as many people as possible.  You can share the campaign directly from the GoFundMe Campaign Page, or….
  • SHARE ON FACEBOOK – I have posted already the campaign on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/noel.parent.16) and have created an Event https://www.facebook.com/events/237745710250602/  … Please help by sharing these on your Facebook timeline!
  • SHARE ON TWITTER – I have tweeted about the campaign from my twitter account @YogaPoetry, which you can Re-Tweet if you wish.  The more the better!
  • SHARE FROM INSTAGRAM – I have posted on Instagram so you can also share directly from there to other social media.  Look for me @StoryYoga.
  • SHARE FROM YOUTUBE – Our campaign video is on Youtube and can be shared directly from there!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEkutW-I0Po&t=15s
  • SHARE YOUR CONTACTS – If you know any individuals, groups, or other organizations who may be interested in supporting our garden and wish to help us contact them directly, please feel free to CONTACT ME and I will be in touch!

We appreciate any support and hope you will take a look at our video and these pictures to see the Beauty we are trying to create.  Thank you and many wishes of Peace to All!




Children’s Story: Oki’s Heart — StoryYoga for Children



Hello Storylovers! We are happy to share with you another children’s story with beautiful illustrations! Oki’s Heart is the story of a little girl who must go on an adventure of the Heart and Spirit in order to save her village.

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Children’s Story: Julia’s Smile

Julia’s Smile is the story of a little girl that is born without the ability to smile and the journey she must take to find her own unique Smile within herself.

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