Children’s Story: Julia’s Smile

Julia’s Smile is the story of a little girl that is born without the ability to smile and the journey she must take to find her own unique Smile within herself.

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Gemstones, more than​ just beautiful

Inner Spirit Healing

Already as a little kid, I was fascinated with stones. Their variety, forms, colors, and texture. I felt some were speaking to me and those I would keep and carry around for a while, or store. Some of them I still have. I would spend hours playing with them, and sometimes building little structures and house-like formations. Sometimes I would crush small, soft gravel between two big ones to make stone dust. Most of these stones were quite common, simple rocks, of course, some with quartz, silicate and glittering cat´s silver in it, but they were no gemstones.

Crystal Energy Healing came to me when I was in my early twenties. I was a young medical student to become a Veterinary doctor. The only physical issues that ever bothered me was my throat. Already then I was interested in all complementary, alternative and natural healing methods despite walking the academic path…

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Kingfisher’s Message

“Yesterday morning I was called by the Kingfisher bird.
It was one of those moments when you magically feel drawn by an invisible force to do something for no apparent reason.” …….. Click below to continue to the article

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