Our Creative Cells

The path to the consciousness and communication of the cells is through the Soul.  It is to the Soul that the cells turn towards for guidance, it is the Soul that directs and guides all the activity of the body and cells.  Yet the relationship within oneself between all the many parts of one’s nature – body, mind, vital, Soul and spirit – is complex and interconnected in such a way that all must be under the influence of the Soul and the Divine for a pure, true, healthy, and harmonious existence and life (for one individual or the collectivity) to be possible.  When the mind or vital is at odds with the Soul’s true purpose and Its guidance, the effects upon the cells and the body can be very influential and destructive.  All the parts of our nature are creative, have an influence upon what we become as a whole, including down deep into the cells and atoms of our body, their behavior and action, and their ability and capacity to thrive and be Divine in their nature as opposed to simply animal/human.  When the cells are freed of the limitations set upon them by the egoistic mind and vital, then they shall be in the position, the freedom, to be guided entirely by Soul, and thus live not according to death, but more and more according to the infinity and eternity of a true Divine Life.


The cells naturally seek to understand, to know, everything.  But for them, knowing means Becoming, identifying themselves and living/breathing whatever they seek to understand.  They are naturally, innately, taking in everything that comes to them from the world – external vibrations, sounds, senses, activities, inner thoughts, feelings, sensations, and even spiritual influences.  They receive these things and reproduce them within their substance (as holographic images) in order to understand it, know it, and so that they can grow in relation to all of it…..However, if they create one image within themselves, and identify with it, and that image is repeated over and over again, becoming a habit, then the cell too becomes that ‘habit,’ that image and identity, even though they are merely a blank slate upon which this habit is forming itself……The cells typically need more stimuli or experiences, new habits, to break away from one habit-form and create another one, which can be either healthy or destructive depending upon what the experience is…..The cells have the power to transcend all these habits, but must have help from either us humans and our conscious will-power, our collaborative efforts to direct them and help them understand that they have power to change and become more than what they are….or, they need the direct inner Influence of the Soul, the Divine Consciousness deep within them, to awaken them from their ignorance and habit-forming patterns into their own self-conscious awareness of their own Divine Nature.  In that realization, they become liberated and free to truly Become, to Create Life in a way that has yet to be seen on Earth.

2 thoughts on “Our Creative Cells

  1. You truly speak from a centered, connected, higher place of consciousness and energy… this is reflected in your written expression. There is so much blindness and darkness in this world, but you bring the Light that truly energizes the heart and dissolves the suffering… thank you for sharing your soul, vision and harmony so eliquently.
    Joy is in the journey within!
    Kurt 🙂

    • Thank you again Kurt for the kind words…they help me to see that there are at least some in the world who connect with what I have to offer. Grace and Light to you…Noel

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